Leadership Atlanta is one of the oldest sustained community leadership programs in the nation. Approximately 85 established leaders are chosen each year to represent a broad cross-section of metro Atlanta. Through retreats, full-day seminars, service projects, discussion groups and community tours, members explore critical community issues, examine themselves as leaders and build relationships of trust and mutual understanding.

  • NetOne Talent

    NetOne Talent is a platform designed to help job seekers and recruiters find each other in the technology space. NetOne Talent hired Hencar to create a mission video for their new website. They asked our team to produce a video that featured the platform and its features. Our team wrote the script, voiced the script, edited the video and created all the graphics.

  • Sofwave Medical Device

    Sofwave is the newest FDA-approved skin tightening treatment.  When it comes to keeping facial skin tight and taut, this is the technology to do it. Sofwave hired Hencar to film and edit this project in partnership with Dr. Miotto a plastic surgeon based in Atlanta, GA. We filmed at the doctors Buckhead office and edited the video.

  • Afterburner TOP GUN Experience

    If you liked Top Gun Maverick, then you are going to love these guys. They are the real deal! All former Top Gun fighter pilots who have transitioned into business consultants. They have been teaching a process called “Flawless Execution” to more than 2-million high performing employees all over the globe. Afterburner has been a client since 2014 and asked us to create this video in a 360-degree green screen studio.

  • Power of Five Promotional Video

    The creators behind this leadership series called “The Power of Five” by John C. Maxwell asked Hencar to produce and edit a promotional video to be used so they could market their new video course worldwide. John C. Maxwell is considered the father of leadership and the team driving the book and video course are first class. This project was rewarding in so many ways.

  • WestRock Brand Essence Video

    Paper and packaging giant WestRock partnered with Hencar on this very unique project. They asked Hencar to create a 90 second video with photos, video and graphics. The objective: to show how the company connects its most popular and successful products and services to its customers

  • MDBox Patient Testimonial

    Hencar produced, shot and edited this video for a telemedicine company in Austin, Texas. MDBox has created a new way to see the “doc” on your phone. An MDBox patient is featured in this video sharing how this application and company has helped her life.

  • Arete Scholars - Mary's Personal Story

    This video highlights Mary Thompson’s personal story, and it’s one of the most compelling videos in the series we did for Arete Scholars. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Mary spoke about the life-threatening challenges she faced until Arete stepped in to help her. The 21 videos we did for Arete highlight the huge impact Arete has on the lives of low-income students. Our mission at Hencar is simple: We want to tell your story in the most compelling, impactful way possible.

  • AgencySparks BLOOPERS & OUTTAKES

    We created this funny blooper video as a “thank you” to AgencySparks after wrapping up their marketing video. No shoot goes perfectly, but it can be perfectly hysterical to see what goes on behind the scenes. We’re serious about our work, but we want to make sure everyone is in good spirits during all of our video shoots. Mission accomplished!

  • The meaning behind FIT9

    Health and fitness is something we take great interest in at Hencar. When Atlanta’s BEST 48-minute workout asked us to help them produce dozens of video and handle all of the businesses marketing needs, we jumped at the opportunity. We’ve never been in better shape since taking this amazing studio on as a client.

  • What is MDBox

    Hencar produced, shot and edited this video to help MDBox clearly explain what their product is and how its going to change the healthcare industry for the better. Hencar created every second of this video to help MDBox introduce its product to the marketplace.

  • Northwestern Mutual Impact Day

    Northwestern Mutual is known for providing financial strength to people and businesses. What most don’t know is how they use that reach to also help out the communities in which they live and work in. NW Mutual partnered with Hencar to show the world how a financial company can have a tremendous impact outside the world of banking. Hencar came along for “Impact Day” at a local Atlanta elementary school. What Hencar saw in one day was people banding together to help others in need.

  • Afterburner CEO Jim Murphy Profile

    Video is the new business card. The best way to bring in new clients, and keep the interest of current ones, is to show them exactly what you can do. When motivational and consulting firm Afterburner Inc. wanted to profile their founder and CEO Jim Murphy, we were inspired to create this high-energy introduction for him. It’s safe to say, he always makes a strong first impression!

  • Fortiva Financial

    Hencar partnered with Fortiva Financial, a leader in second look financing. If the term “second look” is unfamiliar, it’s a financing option that allows people with less than prime credit to still qualify for financing for furniture, home improvement, and other big-ticket purchases. These videos were intended for inter-industry use, but we designed them so that even the average customer can understand what second look financing means to them.

  • DocAuto "Why"

    Software developer DocAuto came up with a way to help companies get the most out of SharePoint, its called Sporganizer.  They asked Hencar to create two videos to help companies see how they can get the most out of Sporganizer to utilize SharePoint to its full capabilities. In the second video, Hencar interviewed both Kiefer and Mark Maimone, the Senior VP of sales and to explain how Sporganizer can help companies gain complete control of Sharepoint on all platforms.

  • Sculpted Contours Mission Video

    It’s all about luxury when you want to look and feel your best, and Sculpted Contours Luxury Medical Aesthetics has set the bar at a new level. We created a mission video for them, so their potential customers can learn why Sculpted Contours is THE place to go for the best experience, and the best results.

  • ADAC Interior Perspectives

    Hencar worked with ADAC (the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) to turn out a series of videos highlighting some of the top interior designers in the Southeast, including James Wheeler, who designed this room with an eye on the exotic. With more than 60 retailers, ADAC is the go-to source for interior designers from across the South.

  • Music is Everything in Video "Hencar Univ."

    Green screen technology opens up a huge range of possibilities. Don’t think of it only as a way to create a new backdrop for your video. Here’s an example of how we used our own in-studio green screen for our Hencar U. series, giving us the flexibility to use text graphics to jazz up the message. We can do the same for you. Call us to discuss green screen possibilities for your next video!

  • Continental Charters Mission Video

    Continental Charters is one of the country’s largest charter bus companies. We traveled to their headquarters in Houston to shoot nine videos for them. Remember, we’re not just Atlanta focused. Hencar can travel anywhere you need to tell your story with the power of video. We also provided the on-camera talent and voiceover for the piece… something few other production companies can offer.

  • AgencySparks Marketing Video

    Love was definitely in the air when we did this fun marketing video for AgencySparks, just ahead of Valentine’s day. We filmed this piece entirely in the studio we have right in our Atlanta facility. All our editing, color correcting, and delivery is done in-house as well. We also worked closely with AgencySparks on the scriptwriting, another service we offer to all our clients.

  • Subaru of America Aerial Location Scouting

    Subaru of America wanted to check out potential locations for a new dealership, but also wanted to show the corporate office where the competition was around each of these locations. Thanks to Hencar’s ace drone team, we were able to give them a perfect idea.

  • Product Shoot - National Restaurant Chain

    We were hired by an advertising agency to turn around a video for a national restaurant chain. Hencar took charge of the shoot from top to bottom. We scouted out a professional kitchen, recruited a chef, even hand-selected and bought all of the ingredients you see in this video! No detail is too small, and every detail is important. Savor the results!


  • Arete Scholars Mission Video

    Hencar produced this mission video for Arete Scholars as part of a 21 video series for the organization. We used this video to highlight Arete’s work for a broad target audience, including corporate sponsors, educators, and students who could benefit from the scholarships Arete offers. We filmed the entire series at one of Atlanta’s best studio spaces, using our own top-of-the-line equipment, to give the videos the perfect look and feel for the message.

  • AirJordan (behind the scenes)

    Air Jordan is one of the best-known names in athletic wear. What started out as a performance brand quickly developed a loyal following, and became a lifestyle brand. When Nike wanted to bring Air Jordan back to its roots, Hencar produced this in-house marketing and sales video that highlights the brand at its finest: in action.

  • Blueprint Combine

    Hencar produced, edited and shot a 28 video series for Blueprint Combine. These videos allowed student athletes to show off their skills and stats to athletic recruiters from colleges across the country.

  • Flawless Execution

    Marketing videos are the best way to increase your brand recognition. We partnered with Afterburner Inc., a consultancy firm that works with major companies across the world, to boost their visibility and bring in new clients.

  • Instagram Video for Atlanta Falcons

    Social media are crucial components of a solid marketing strategy. When we worked with Arete Scholars, we included a series of “thank you” videos targeting Arete’s corporate donors, all designed for an Instagram campaign. We feel that social media including Facebook, Twitter, and of course Instagram are the perfect place to highlight your videos, and we can customize them to make your brand stand out and shine.