The Boss

  • Joe Carter


    #JoeKnowsVideo because I've been crafting them professionally for over 20 years. Boom!

    Now, let's dive into a bit more about me. I embarked on my video career standing in front of the camera, flashing my pearly whites for renowned television networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, and CNN. I dabbled in news and sports, donning the hat of an anchor and correspondent (you could say that's a fancy word for a reporter). I've journeyed through a plethora of stories, explored fascinating places, and had the privilege to collaborate with some truly talented individuals. My 16 years in the news industry were like dog years, and eventually, my heart whispered it was time for a new adventure. I do miss the camaraderie of those hustling alongside me and the electrifying rush of being on live TV, but the rest of the TV news business, not so much.

    So, akin to LeBron's departure from Cleveland (the first time around), I redirected my talents, though not to South Beach. Instead, I set up shop in a cozy little office close to home in Atlanta, birthing my own endeavor, a video agency I lovingly named Hencar. Ask me about the name when we chat next – it's a cute story, I promise.

    Since 2014, I've been dedicated to helping businesses create standout video content. And now, owing to the shifting landscape of content strategy, we've launched an exciting companion venture known as Social Edits. Here, the magic happens with short-form videos, 60 seconds or less of pure awesomeness. Curious to witness the magic for yourself? Just visit our website at

    I'm genuinely passionate about creating top-notch video content and aiding businesses, brands, and agencies in making their videos shine. It's my absolute jam, and I thrive on the entire video-making process. The ultimate joy for me is seeing people overjoyed when their videos surpass their wildest expectations.

    If you've made it this far into my tale, chances are you're in need of some video magic. Rest assured, you've landed on the right guy and the perfect team. #JoeKnowsVideo, so let's have a chat.