Social Media Campaigns

By now you’ve probably heard it dozens of times. If you want to have an effective marketing strategy, you have to use social media. So you’re Facebooking. You’re Instagramming and Snapchatting. You’re Twittering (which means you’re doing it wrong, because you’re supposed to be tweeting). You’d like to be Pinteresting too, but you’re so fed up with it all that the only thing you want to stick pins in is a voodoo doll. Preferably one representing the person who told you that all of this would help you get an edge over your competition.

Because now, your competition is doing all of these things too. There’s a good chance that they’re doing it ineffectively because they’re just as tight on time and short on patience with ever-changing trends as you are. But the fact that you’re all flopping around fruitlessly on the social media field like a bunch of fish being electrocuted is cold comfort.

Now that you’re all back to square one, how do you jump ahead and stand out?

Social media campaigns are a key part of any solid business plan, but if you're not including videos, you're not getting the most out of the opportunity.

Social media campaigns are a key part of any solid business plan, but if you’re not including videos, you’re not getting the most out of the opportunity

Video. This is the way to get noticed on social media. If it seems like a lot of bother to go through just for a post here or a tweet there, remember that posts and tweets can take on a life of their own if people like what they see and decide to share it. It’s all about finding a captivating way to get people’s attention. But you can’t put any old video out there. You have to aim way above: “Here’s my dog chasing his tail, ROFL!”

Think of it this way. Social media opens the door for you to attend a huge gala. It’s up to you to make a grand entrance that they’ll never forget. So, what are you going to bring to the party that will make every eye in the room shift towards you? Anyone can bring a bottle of wine or a box of candy. It’s the memorable guest who sweeps into the room followed by the complete entourage needed to act out the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Of course it will be quite the melee with eight maids a-milking, six geese a-laying, and ten lords a-leaping everywhere while the seven swans are a-swimming in the Jacuzzi and getting boiled to death. But you can bet no one will forget it, and everyone will be talking about it for months afterwards.

How We Can Help

A well-planned video can help you make an equally big splash on social media, without the nuisance of PETA demonstrations and personal injury lawsuits (those ten lords should have looked before they leaped). Not only will you get a lot of eyes on you, if you play your cards right you could also rake in some serious cash.

If you don’t believe that, look up PewDiePie. No, not on WebMD, it’s not a communicable disease. It’s a guy. PewDiePie became a YouTube sensation for playing and reviewing video games. That’s right. His videos are mostly of him playing video games and giving reviews. He started his YouTube channel in 2010, and by 2015 he had more than 36 million subscribers. His videos have more than eight billion views. All of this translates into some serious cash flow from companies that want to advertise on his channel.

How did he get so much attention? People in the gaming community fell in love with his videos and began sharing them. Sharing, as in social media. Some may argue that YouTube is not strictly a social media site. But the ability of users to share videos directly from YouTube, as well as to post the video links on their Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts definitely gives YouTube many of the accouterments of social media.

There are tricks to sharing your videos on social media. Aside from creating compelling videos, which is Hencar’s specialty, you also have to know how to deliver those videos. This involves a lot of decisions about proper transcoding so your video can be seen on a variety of devices and methods of digital delivery, including streaming and uploading your videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Hencar can help you with all of these. Once these steps are complete, you’ll be ready to share links to your videos on all of your social media accounts.

Remember, to stay competitive you have to know when and how to up your game. With Hencar’s help, you can make a huge impression on a huge number of people. Now that’s something to tweet about.

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