Reality TV Programming

Whoever says television is an escape from reality hasn’t done a lot of channel surfing these days. You can’t give the remote more than a couple of clicks before you hit another reality show. Any time of day or night, real life is staring you in the face. The wonderful thing is, with so many different versions of reality out there no one has to go away hungry.

reality programming

Surviving in Antarctica with a tent and a shaving kit? If you’re up to doing it, you can get a reality show out of it!

So why not create your own reality show? Before you say: “No one would be interested in my life!” consider what’s playing on various channels. Do you love restoring old cars? There’s a show for that (Counting Cars). Do you love Victorian medical devices, stuffed two-headed sheep, or artwork made from human hair? There’s a show for that (Oddities). Do you find yourself staring wistfully towards the horizon as you’re working on your father’s farm, wondering if there’s something more for you on the other side of the cornfield? There’s a show for that (Breaking Amish).

Whether you’re a psychic, physician, or panhandler, there’s a reality show niche for you. Housewives, hillbillies, and hucksters are welcome too. The problem is not your life. There are no boring lives. Only boring presentations of your life.

But perhaps you’re shy. You don’t want your life exposed to the world. No blame to you there. Right now you can go grocery shopping without a care. No one is sprinting up to you asking for your autograph, or threatening to run you out of town, because no one knows the details of your life.

What, you thought we were kidding? No, there really are Morris dancers!

What, you thought we were kidding? No, there really are Morris dancers!

Yet you just happen to know this group of people who have the most fascinating hobby: Morris dancing. Not one out of a hundred people could tell you what Morris dancing is, but oh! If they only knew the sordid backstories, the infighting that goes on, the private pain that each dancer masks as he ties bells around his shins… It makes Survivor look like Romper Room. You just know there’s an audience for this!

Getting Your Show Off The Ground

How do you persuade a television channel to give this fascinating slice of reality some airtime? That’s where the skills of Hencar’s staff come in. As we said, there are no boring lives, only boring presentations of those lives. Take a look at our pre-production services. We provide everything you need to prove your idea is compelling, from concept development and storyboarding to scriptwriting and pitching, plus, we can tape highlight scenes to give prospective networks a good idea of what you’ve got. We’ll put them together in a sizzle reel that will blow away network programmers.

This, by the way, is a crucial part of the process. These days, networks want to see what you actually plan to show the audience. They’re no longer satisfied with just a storyboard, although that can be a key part of your pitch presentation as well. Let’s face it, a sketch of guy with bells on his legs doesn’t generate a lot of pathos, or panache. Give them the actual video of a sweaty, post-performance Morris dancer on his cell phone, begging his wife to just be patient a little while longer so he can finish the tour, pleading with her not to run off with the milkman. You thought there were no milkmen anymore? Well, if evolution took logical turns, Morris dancers would be extinct too. If you have a great pitch, you can help them survive for several more seasons in the wonderful world of cable.

Whether you want to wow audiences with your life story or someone else’s life story, Hencar can help you develop a reality show that will give you your shot at place in reality show history.

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