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Hencar’s promise is: “You dream it, we’ll deliver.” But each person’s dreams are different. You can dream about something you want to happen, or something you know could never happen in real life but is greatly entertaining (think Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter).

Sometimes you can dream about what has already happened, and what is happening right now. These dreams are part of your personal story. Like snowflakes, no two personal stories are alike. Each one is unique, never seen before, never to be seen again.

One thing all dreams have in common is that they form in your mind. It’s Hencar’s job to help other people see and appreciate those dreams by manifesting them through video.

There are many ways to do it. You can focus on just one aspect of your life. Perhaps you’re in the running for a NASA program that allows civilians to train for a six-month stay on the International Space Station. Even if you don’t make the final cut, you want to document the journey that brought you all the way from your civilian job as a chemist at a well-known industrial company through the first phases of selection for the civilian astronaut program. You want to show people how grueling the training is, how much you have to give up just to focus on your shot at spending half a year in space.

The sky's the limit when you engage Hencar to tell your personal stories

The sky’s the limit when you engage Hencar to tell your personal stories

There are a lot of similarities between this way of relating your story and a reality TV show.  In content they are practically identical. The difference will be the format. Whereas a reality show is presented in serial format, with the intention of (hopefully) continuing for several seasons, telling a personal story can be presented in a much longer, self-contained format. Whether you intend on selling it to television as a two-hour special, or are more interested in presenting it as an independent film (The Sundance Festival is always looking for material), or even if you want to distribute it as an educational film to schools and universities, Hencar can help you make that vision a reality.

Of course it needn’t be your personal story. Perhaps you have an idea for a project called Three Women. You’ll have three women relate their life stories. One woman was born in the late 30s, one in the mid 40s, one in the 50s. Each will explain what it was like coming of age in her particular era, from growing up believing that air raid drills and food rationing were just a normal part of life (and so they would have been for a six-year-old in 1943 America) to experiencing the giddy fun of Woodstock as a 19-year-old.

Don’t forget, dreams can sometimes be wild. You don’t have to confine yourself to a simple on-camera telling of your story filled out with b-roll. Using production techniques such as time-lapse and aerial videography as well as re-enactments and dramatizations can add extra depth to the final product. Remember, when you think about your story, you feel a surge of emotion because it’s already relevant to you. Hencar’s job is to generate that same surge of emotion among the people who see your final video so that your story becomes relevant to them as well. We don’t just want them to be a passive audience. We want them to become active participants in your story, to feel as if they’re really part of the action. In that way, your story will live on. And isn’t that the point of all good stories?

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