News Magazine Programming

An interview with a reclusive musician who played with the Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix, but now spends his days painting nature scenes. A feature report on a Nobel prize-winning scientist who happens to spend his weekends stock car racing. A profile of a community garden project that has expanded to so many neighborhoods, it can now turn over bushels of spare produce to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. These are all high-interest stories that could make great television as segments on a news magazine.

They also require extensive research, planning, travel coordination, and editing and post-production services.

Whether you’re trying to pitch your idea for a new show in this format, or have already gotten your air slot and need to produce a lot of consistently strong material to keep the viewers (and your network) interested, Hencar can help you out. Our experts have extensive experience in all areas of media production, including creating content for national networks such as CNN, HLN, Travel Channel and HBO. We not only understand how to discern the elements that make a story compelling, we also know how to highlight and present those aspects for the strongest impact on the audience.

Whether you’re traveling to the ends of the Earth for a story on endangered species, or doing a feature piece on local chefs, Hencar’s experts will use their years of experience to make your news magazine shine

The Hencar Approach

Deadlines are a huge concern for any television show that needs to produce relevant, up-to-the-minute content. Having worked for decades in these environments, Hencar’s experts understand exactly what you’re going through and more importantly, how to deliver quality material on a consistent basis even with a short turnaround time.

We begin with serious, in-depth discussions with you so that we clearly understand your needs and expectations. Whether you just need our services for one or two segments to ease the burden on your staff, or need us to provide a lot of material in an ongoing process, we devote ample time and energy to get to know you from the start so that we can hit the ground running when you need a project turned around.

Our Process

We take the same steps with your project as we would with any other, including storyboarding and concept development. If you’re used to working in a newsroom background you may not be familiar with this level of preplanning. Very often the newsroom paradigm involves rushing a developing story to air with whatever elements you have available. Even longer pieces that fit into the feature category, which often have less immediate deadlines, don’t always involve those preliminaries. We want you to expect the same level of care and attention as any other client, so we don’t stint on those details.

We also understand how important attention to detail is for news magazine shows. You need consistency in your on-air look, from the way video is framed to post-production concerns such as your graphics package and your preferred video transitions. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you needs are met with each project we do for you. Whether you just need us to give you raw elements for your team to put together, or a complete piece that’s fully edited  and ready for air, Hencar can meet the challenge.

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