Music Videos

You finally convinced your band to do it. You’re going to make your first music video! Of course dozens of other videos will follow. This, though, is the very first music video for your band. And you’re determined to make it memorable.

Be careful what you wish for…

Lip-synching? No, that’s for sissies. Of course you’re going to sing the song live. Never mind that you’ve come up with a choreography routine that would put Maksim Chmerkovskiy into the ICU. Or that you’ve never actually tried to dance while singing.

This is going to be a breeze. One take. Two, tops.

Fifteen takes later, you’ve finally hit your stride. The feeling that your lungs are full of hot sand has faded away, and even though the drummer keeps throwing worried glances towards you as you stagger across the makeshift stage, you’re going to power through it. The tunnel vision? Just a bump in the road.

music video2

You worked hard to make it. Your music video should show you in the best light possible

You make it to the end. Time for the big finish! You reach up and yank the cord that’s been dangling, barely noticed, from the rafters of your garage (of course it’s your garage! Didn’t Nirvana start this way?) The giant water dispenser hidden up there obligingly tips over and douses you from head to foot in a shower of ice-cold water, a la Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

 Then it falls from the ceiling and hits you right in the head. Well, that didn’t happen in Flashdance!

As you’re trying to get over the impact, you hear a hideous shrieking. The other band members jump clear, certain that the deluge has fried the amps and you’re all about to get electrocuted.

But no, that grating squeal is not coming from the amps. It’s coming from you. You belatedly realize what a bad idea it was to let your younger sister do your hair (bless her heart, this is her fifth attempt at passing beauty school and she just needs a little practice!) Now that you’re soaking wet, the cheap weave she talked you into getting is shrinking faster than Ant Man after a triple espresso, complete with a horror-show screech that’s making every dog for half a mile howl in agony.

Oh, the humanity.

It happens all the time. Maybe not to this extreme, but it still happens. Bands think there’s nothing to making a music video, so why not do it themselves?

Still Want To Make Your Own Music Video?

Some of them are really good with the preliminaries. They may not know what storyboarding is, but they’re great at talking through the details with each other and getting on the same page about the look of the final product. It’s the execution that does them in. Unless they’ve been involved in video shoots before, musicians seldom realize how complicated they can be.

music video1

Our first suggestion for any music video is to have multiple cameras. You can do it with one, especially if the videographer is very experienced with music videos. But it will take a lot longer. The rest of the band may need to take five (make that 30) while the director of photography shoots your drummer going through her big solo several times. Then you need good cutaway shots of the guitarists doing their thing, the keyboardist, and of course the singer. That means playing the song, or portions of the song, over and over and over….

If you have multiple cameras, it’s possible to get great shots of the band members from several angles during a single take, which will greatly reduce the number of times you have to play through the song.

Singing it live? If you want to go that route, we can do it. But realistically you’re going to get the best sound if the audio is laid in separately during the editing process, something that works best if you leave it to professionals who are used to synching up words on the audio track with lip movements on the video.

Of course, we can take care of the makeup too. No beauty school delinquents or cheap weaves for you my friend. Hencar is in the business of delivering dreams, not nightmares.

We also take care of delivering your video, from uploading it to your band’s YouTube and Vimeo channels to burning DVDs for you to hand out to executives in the business as part of your promo packet. And don’t forget social media. You can post links to your new video on all of your accounts, so your friends and fans can share the masterpiece.

Hencar takes care of all the legwork so you can focus on your real passion: Making great music and equally great music videos that will have people talking for all the right reasons.

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