Can you do it? YES YOU CAN! You can make a motivational video.

Whether you want to encourage people to start their own business as you have, find the wherewithal to push ahead in the competitive corporate world, or whip themselves into tip-top physical shape, one of the best ways to reach your intended audience is through well-planned videos.

Don't just tell them how to do it...SHOW them how it's done with a motivational video!

Don’t just tell them how to do it…SHOW them how it’s done with a motivational video!

These videos will bolster your motivational campaign tremendously. Of course this is an intense field. You can’t just rely on one element to get your message out. You must be persistent and consistent on multiple levels. That means having a strong social media presence, active email campaigns, and a robust online life such as turning out regular blog posts on your site as well as writing guest blogs. Appearances on media outlets like radio, television, and podcasts will be invaluable.

How do you convince people your message is worth hearing, that you really can help them achieve their dreams? What will make you stand out so that people listen to your message, and those in a position to help you get it out (the media programmers, bloggers, and podcasters) will be willing to give you the means to do it?

Consider this for a minute. A Forbes survey found nearly 60% of CEO’s prefer to watch a video to get an idea of what your message is, rather than getting their first taste of it through reading a text format. They’re not alone. Everyone is tight on time these days. And sadly, everyone is all too used to hearing sales pitches. “Pick me! Pick me! I can do things for you that no one else can!” So the tendency is to simply tune them out. You need a way to turn “tune out” to “stand out”.

Video captures the attention on a number of levels. First, it’s a lot easier to get people to listen to your message if they can actually see you delivering it. You know you’ve got something great. Your enthusiasm will come across much more clearly on video than it ever could in written form. Secondly, video is dynamic (or should be, if you want it to be effective). There are some companies that will be more than happy to take your money while just plunking you down in front of the camera to rattle off your message. We’ll help you rehearse it, give you pointers on the most effective delivery, and give you in-the-moment feedback during the shoot so that you come off in the best light possible.

A quick 30-second video highlighting your message will get more attention from potential customers as well as bloggers, podcasters, and media bookers than a printed press kit or a plain email pitch. Remember, if you include a video link in your emails, you could generate a click-through rate of more than 95%, and the recipients will be much less likely to opt out of getting future emails from you.

Now let’s talk about the big picture. You’re really motivated about your message, right? So do you just make one quick video? If you’re excited about anything, do you just do a quick spiel and then keep quiet for the rest of your life?

No way. You keep talking, keep pushing, keep persuading. You wax poetic about all the wonderful things you have to offer. One motivational video can be an attention-getter, but a series of motivation videos will keep people coming back for more. Hencar will help you set up a YouTube or Vimeo channel for your videos. This is another invaluable marketing tool. A series of good videos is much more likely to get people excited than a single video. It shows there’s depth to your message, something that people really need to dig into to reap the benefits.

Having a presence on YouTube or Vimeo will make it much more likely that people will become your supporters, because these services make it easy for them share the links to your videos. And, of course, you can share the links on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Any way you slice it, having videos as part of your motivational campaign is sure to generate the attention and enthusiasm you need to make your message shine.

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