Marketing and Sales Presentations

You’ve been at this meeting before. We’ve all been at this meeting.

“In this chart, that’s chart number 35 in the handout, we can see growth in the fourth quarter slowed in our East Coast offices, declined sharply in our Midwest offices, and held steady on the West Coast…”

Cue the next slide, which compares current figures with last year’s figures for the fourth quarter. Wait, did Ned actually build a transition into that slide change? It looked like it flipped from the old slide to the new slide. It might have flipped. Ned never does slide transitions! Is he loosening up a bit? Or maybe your eyes just crossed as you tried to rise from half-trance to semi-consciousness.

The difference between a boring sales presentation and a slam-dunk that will reel them in is a great video

A great video can make the difference between a boring presentation and a slam-dunk that will seal the deal

Melissa is sitting motionless next to you, almost as catatonic as you are. She didn’t even react when Ned called out the sales decline in the Midwest, and she’s in charge of sales there. But who can blame her for being out of it, with Ned “Better-Than-Propofol” Peterson giving the presentation?

Is that a big cat face on the next slide? No, your eyes are crossing again. It’s a pie chart. How ironic that the meeting is taking place in Room 101. Somewhere, George Orwell is smiling. This really is the worst thing in the world. In the distance, you think you hear Alice Cooper singing “Welcome to My Nightmare”…

This meeting might be classified as a war crime in some countries. Sadly, it’s all too common in many companies. Worse yet, the poor captives can’t get away. They have to be there. If this kind of meeting was optional and the participants knew this presentation was coming, do you think anyone would show up? Well maybe that one guy from PR, but he would clear out as soon as he snagged a donut.

So why, why would anyone consider doing a presentation like this for people who don’t have to just sit there and take it? Believe it or not, some people do. They put on this kind of presentation when pitching a product, trying to sell potential clients on a good or service.

Maybe the prospective client will sit there for the sake of politeness. After all it’s not very professional to jump up and run screaming from the room. But you can bet the sale is going to go to another company.

Now think about the people you’re trying to reach without being in the same room. The people who are going to your website, reading your blog, checking out your Facebook and Twitter posts. Not even the thin chains of etiquette will make anyone sit through a boring presentation or a lame marketing pitch on these venues when they can be doing something else. Relief is just a mouse click away.

What will get and, more importantly, keep their attention? A well-crafted video. We could point out some impressive figures, like the retailer that reported a 160% higher conversion rate when it posted explanatory videos with product description on their website. Or the marketing firms that said click-through rates shot up to 96% when they added a video link to email marketing packets.

Instead, we’ll appeal to common sense. If your website, emails, and social media posts have links to videos that show you’re excited about your product, you’re bound to generate some interest. Let’s not forget that emails can be forwarded, and social media posts can be liked, favorited, and shared, which can lead to your video going viral and reaching a far broader audience than you initially anticipated.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Let Hencar help you craft a video campaign that will leave customers banging at your doors rather than heading for the hills.

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