The truth is out there. Or is it? Maybe the truth is in there, “there” being your brain. Either way you want to corral it, lasso it and bring it into the spotlight for the world to see.

You’ve spent years documenting the lives of Mongolian nomads who wander across that country’s stark landscape year-round, having no fixed place to call home. But their way of life is vanishing. More and more of their young people are moving to the country’s few large cities like Ulan Bator, hoping to have a more comfortable way of life.

Now you have the chance of a lifetime. One family you’ve come to know has agreed to let you film their personal struggle with the lure of modernization. They plan to move—all three generations of them—to Mongolia’s capital in a few months. The father has been a herder for his entire life but wants to settle down. His mother just happens to be a traditional shaman who thinks she can profit from Mongolia’s renewed interest in its ancient religious roots. The oldest son is 17 and ready to marry. Trouble is, prospects are kind of lean on the steppes this year. He’d have a much better chance of finding a bride in the big city.

So after the summer season is over, they’re packing up the yurt and heading to the capital. You’ve been invited to drop in for the summer to watch how they live now, see their goodbyes to other members of their family, and journey with them as they relocate to Ulan Bator.

Traveling to distant places to document ways of life that are disappearing is just one of the ways Hencar can help you produce a documentary to remember

Traveling to distant places to document ways of life that are disappearing is just one of the ways Hencar can help you produce a documentary to remember

This is a personal triumph for you, having won this level of trust from this family. But you already know what this decision could mean for them. Shouldn’t other people be able to see what you will, get a close look at a vanishing way of life before it disappears forever, no more than memories scattered by the harsh winter winds that rake Mongolia’s steppes?

Then you have an idea. Working your contacts in Mongolia, you manage to get a request to the family before you make your travel plans. And to your delight, they say: “Yes! You can bring along a camera crew to film our journey! We’d be honored!”

Now you have to figure out how to put together the documentary of this family’s saga. The initial steps involved in every solid video production include storyboarding and concept development. Scriptwriting can be done in rough form, especially those sections which involve facts and statistics such as the number of people who move from nomadic to city life each year in Mongolia. However, since you are filming a story as it unfolds, you need to work with a company that can be flexible with fast-changing situations. The final narration won’t be put together until the final scene has been shot, because you never know what’s going to happen.

Aside from that, you also need a company that understands the complexities of getting production equipment from the U.S. to distant locations, as we described on our Travel and Leisure Programming page.

Hencar can provide all the services you need to make your documentary stand out. Whether it’s the story outlined above, a piece about the struggles faced by workers in the sweatshops that provide cheap clothes for American retailers, or a look at the frenetic fun backstage at the annual Westminster Dog Show, Hencar will work with you closely every step of the way to ensure that your piece gets the attention it deserves.

One important aspect of any documentary is accuracy. Hencar’s experts include people who have decades of experience working at national news networks, and who know how to fact-check every page of the script to ensure no one can question the integrity of your video. Trusting Hencar not only gives you the promise of a high-quality video that will impress your viewers. You will also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing experienced professionals have your back every step of the way.

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