Campaign Videos

“I’m (insert your name here), and I approved this message.” How many times have we heard that when elections are on the horizon? And how many times do you think the speaker was silently adding: “Because I had no choice, the money was already spent. What a waste!”

If you’re running for office, there’s no end to the problems you have to deal with on a daily basis. Aggressive reporters, smear tactics from the other candidates, the occasional crazy parent who insists you gave his baby pink eye when you kissed the little tot. Let’s add a few more: Finding new ways to bring money to the war chest. The sleepless nights (a combination of stress and the abysmal Silly Putty chicken they force on you at fundraising dinners). Medical worries (carpal tunnel from handshaking so much, lockjaw from smiling so much). Plus those panicky moments during an interview when you actually have to surreptitiously count on your fingers to remember how many children you have.

Whether you're trying to get into the city council or Capitol Hill, a strong set of campaign videos will give you the edge over other candidates

Whether you’re trying to get into the city council or Capitol Hill, a strong set of campaign videos will give you the edge over other candidates

No wonder you didn’t have time to do more research into video production. By the time they threw a list of potential companies on your desk you would have taken anyone, even the one film student in history who was panned by John Waters for being too far-out.

There are very few things candidates can control during a campaign. Sound bites can be taken out of context. Carefully planned responses come to nothing if the debate moderator doesn’t ask the questions you rehearsed. The pet causes voters love can change overnight, leaving you high and dry or, worse yet, on the wrong side of the river altogether.

What Are The Steps In The Process?

One of the few things that fall into the “total control” category is a campaign ad. Campaign commercials are the perfect means to ensure your message comes across clearly to the voters. At Hencar, we engage in a thorough pre-production stage that includes concept development, storyboarding, and scriptwriting.

All three of these steps are critical in developing effective campaign spots. This is where you decide on the tone and imagery that will be used. It’s no secret that politics is an emotional field, so it’s crucial that you assure the voters that you understand what’s important to them.

Setting The Scene

Proper imagery speaks to those needs. If you love the environment and want voters to know you’ll fight to keep the environment safe, it’s no good shooting your campaign spot at the county fair. Remind viewers what you’re fighting for by showing the oceans, rivers, and forests you promise to protect. Show the aftermath of an environmental disaster to illustrate what you promise to prevent. Effective use of imagery will not just help to win voters to your side. It can inspire them to actively help your campaign by championing you among their friends and family.

We’ll also make sure that when you’re on camera, you’re coming off at your best. From dialogue delivery to lighting to makeup, Hencar’s experts will use their extensive experience with television and media to put you in the best light possible.

Hencar will work closely with you and your staff to guarantee there are no missteps at any stage of the video process. You can’t afford to waste precious campaign money, much less your time, on ineffective ads. With all the variables that come into play during elections, make sure you take control where you can. Choose Hencar to ensure your message gets out clearly and effectively each and every time.

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