It’s happened to everyone. You think you look great, then you go into a rest room with that lighting. You know. THAT lighting. The fluorescent haze from hell. It makes you look washed out, or blotchy, or kinda green. You could be cast as an extra in “The Walking Dead” in a heartbeat. No offense to those who actually are zombies, but it’s not a look that most living people can carry off.

This is why makeup is crucial in a video shoot. Sure, you could opt for the au natural look and rough it, so to speak. But the emphasis will be on “rough.”

In order to bring out the best quality picture in a video, special lighting is needed. That lighting may look natural when you see the video, but it absolutely is not natural when you’re sitting under it.

Forgoing Makeup

This will make you look pale and sickly. If you’ve got a deep tan you may not look washed out, but bear in mind that the lighting will accent everything else. Those circles under your eyes will stand out like champs. Those slightly red patches that are barely noticeable in real life will light up so much you’ll look like you decorated your face with Crunchberries. Like the Grinch’s heart at Christmas, the smallest mole will seem to grow three sizes in one day.

The goal of video makeup is for you to look your best without looking artificial. How much makeup is needed depends on a lot of factors, mostly related to what you want to accomplish with your video. In many cases, you simply want to present yourself as you really are in life. You’re trying to connect with people, not stun them with your beauty. It’s up to us to bring that off.


If you go to great lengths with your makeup every day, then we’ll certainly want to accentuate that properly so you look the same in your video. On the other hand if you don’t do makeup at all, we’ll want to make sure that no one notices you’re wearing it when they see your video.

In those cases a simple application of a base makeup is usually enough. The main purpose is to even out skin tone and give you enough color to stand up to the harsh production lights. If you have irregularities—dark circles, a blemish or two—we can add a little more makeup with corrective concealer so that all people will notice in the video is how good you look. It the best-case scenarios, people who see you face-to-face wouldn’t even know you were wearing makeup.

Who Gets The Makeup

When videos involve a lot of people on camera, makeup can become a complicated proposition. We really want to focus on the main person or people in the video, and anyone else who has extended face time. It’s not always necessary for everyone to have an extended makeup session, and if there are a lot of extras they may not need makeup at all.

Rather than being understated, you may want to present a glamorous look in your video, and we can definitely do that. There are times when it’s appropriate for you to look like you pulled out all of the stops to knock ‘em dead. One question that often comes up is, “Can you make me look better than I do in real life?” If you’ve ever seen those supermarket tabloids that run photo spreads of celebrities with and without their makeup, you’ll understand what a qualified makeup artist can accomplish. We can definitely give you that “after” look if it’s what you want.

“Can you make me look like I’m 30 again?”

That depends. If you’re 35, it should be no problem. If you’re 65, we can make you look really good, though probably not 35. We want you to feel good about how you appear on camera. But we have to keep it real. There’s only so far you can go with makeup before you begin looking like an escapee from Vincent Price’s House of Wax. Definitely not what you want for most videos.

There may be times when makeup is unnecessary. Some scenes that are shot outdoors, using only natural light, will require minimal makeup unless the person on camera is extremely fair-skinned or is uncomfortable about uneven skin tone. If you’re giving a speech or lecture and you’re not being shot in close-up (a shot where you’re framed so that your mostly seen from the shoulders up) we may want to forgo it as well. If you’re being shot in a water setting, or in a highly active setting where sweating is likely, makeup may be problematic because it can streak, making it even more obvious that you’re using it.

We’ll consult with our makeup experts to determine what your needs will be, and come up with a plan that makes you comfortable.

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