Aerial Videography

This is so cool. We just can’t say it enough. It’s cool, it’s fun for us, and it makes your video really stand out. What more could you want?

There are a couple of techniques involved in aerial videography:

  1. Helicopter Videography

    The easiest one is to have a videographer flown over an area in a helicopter or plane. Helicopters are usually preferred because of their ability to hover. You see this regularly on local news shows any time there’s a severe accident or other traffic tie-up. In movies, this technique is often used to get panoramic flyovers of a location, be it a major city, a striking desert or the endless ocean. A variety of lenses can be used to give special perspective effects that add another layer of impact to the shot.

    While helicopters can get fairly close to the ground, for safety’s sake they can’t get down too low, so there are limits as to how close a shot the videographer can get.

  2. Drone Videography

    Aerial videography using a drone
    Cameras attached to drones have recently become more common tools in aerial videography. They have more maneuverability than helicopters.

    Much more recently, drones have become a popular way to get aerial shots. They’re much smaller and more maneuverable than helicopters, and there’s no need for a videographer to ride along. Everything can be operated and coordinated from the ground. Drones are now available for general public use, but we strongly encourage you to make sure you research all applicable laws about operating these aircraft in populated areas. Also, make sure your drone operator has plenty of experience to reduce the chance of mishaps.

Hencar uses highly trained professionals who understand the intricacies of aerial photography, and will ensure you get top quality videography from any angle and any altitude.


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