This is a key component in the overall pre-production process, tying in tightly with concept and scriptwriting. When we promise that if you dream it, we’ll deliver, how do you know we understand exactly what your dream looks like?

Words go a long way to clarifying the image, and that’s why we focus so much attention on developing the concept, including extensive interviews with you to ensure there are no misunderstandings about exactly what you want. Of course, words have limitations. If you say, “I want to see a man jumping high in the air,” your idea of high and ours might be entirely different.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

In the case of storyboarding, a series of pictures are not only worth countless words, they’re a timesaving step that’s absolutely priceless.

So What is a Storyboard?

Basically, we use simple drawings to illustrate key scenes in your upcoming video so that you can visualize exactly what we’re planning. An even more basic concept involves key words or phrases arranged in order, which can be replaced by illustrations as individual shots are fleshed out. This helps streamline the production process on a number of levels.

Pre Production

First, it gives you a chance to offer your input during the formative stages of the production, which reduces the chances that time-wasting changes will be needed later in the process. Storyboarding gives us a common ground to work from so we can brainstorm with you to make sure the key elements are as effective as possible in delivering the message you desire. Remember, you’re the expert in your field, so we’re relying on you to give your honest feedback about our initial conceptualization. Does the order of events make sense to you, or do you think it should be rearranged? Are the planned props and setting(s) the best way to illustrate the base message of the video? If anyone feels changes or adjustments are needed, correcting the storyboard will allow us to weigh the effects of the change to see whether they add or take away impact in the overall video.

Storyboarding also gives you a clear idea of how the production will unfold so you know as soon as possible what we expect the end product to look like. Finally, it gives everyone involved a visual reference for every step so there’s no confusion about the order of events in the video. This allows them a chance to spot potential problems before the shooting actually begins.

Is Storyboarding Really Necessary?

If you’re not familiar with the video production process, you may wonder whether storyboarding is really necessary. It does add another step. But it’s considered so critical that Hollywood studios use it for just about every production. It’s also a standard for corporate video production and advertising. Aside from visual media like those, storyboarding is now used in a range of fields from software and video game development to business proposals. There’s even a form of storyboarding used by accountants to determine how cost-efficient certain processes are, and whether they can be streamlined or eliminated.

Our goal at Hencar is to provide the smoothest and most professional video production experience for you, our client. We believe storyboarding is a critical part of that process which will give you peace of mind in knowing that we share your vision and intend to present your message in the most effective and impactful way possible.
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