You’ve gone through the concept and seen the storyboards for you video. Now, it’s time for the next unveiling.

The Script. This is where the vision that you have formed in conjunction with Hencar’s experts really comes to life. These are the words that will be said, the shots that will be seen. You read it, and the video appears with crystal clarity in your mind.

You will always be your best advocate.

ThinkstockPhotos-459117607You know what you want your video to portray better than anyone else. But does that mean you have to figure out how to make it happen, come up with just the right words and struggle to parse out every shot and camera angle?

Some video production companies might say, “Yes.” They’ll help with the formatting—a process that can be like learning another language for those who aren’t in the business—but they leave the actual dialogue up to you, and want you to tell them what the video should show every step of the way.

At Hencar, we want you to be as closely involved in the process as possible. But we realize that your area of expertise might not include writing effective video dialogue. It’s a technique that’s vastly different than other forms of business communications.

You’ve probably seen videos where the speaker or speakers seem stiff, overly formal. It seems more like they’re reciting a speech than actually having a conversation with the viewer. While the topic may be of interest, the speaker comes off as aloof, unapproachable.

Professional scriptwriting is Essential.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of making a connection with the viewer. More than that, the message you’re giving must be relevant to them, or they will simply stop paying attention.

You may be very used to writing business reports and proposals. In many professions if you’re called on to give a report at a meeting, the emphasis is on the information relayed, which is appropriate since that is the focus of the meeting. However, if you’re trying to grow your clientele or present yourself as uniquely qualified in your area of expertise, you need more than cold hard facts. The people who watch your video must be able to relate to you and feel that they can trust you and your message.

Our professional scriptwriters are here to help you connect with your target audience. We’ll work closely with you to find your “voice”. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable with the wording of your message, or the way it’s delivered on camera, whether by you or another spokesperson. We can go about this in a number of ways.

If you’re comfortable writing out the message you want us to give, we’ll refine it, make it conversational, find and highlight the key points that will have the most relevance and impact for your viewers.

If you’d rather have us do the writing, we’ll interview you. We’ll ask you a lot of questions about what’s important to you, how you want the message to be delivered, and what highlights you want us to emphasize. We’ll also probably ask you what excites you most about your field, why you got into it, how you formed your business. These topics can provide a wealth of useful information that will help us craft a script that establishes a connection with the viewer. People don’t just want to know about what services you offer. They want to know why you are the best one in the field, and that means getting to know you a little bit.

The actual dialogue is just one aspect of the script. There are also precise directions meant to guide the director of photography, editor, and producer. Essentially these will tell you what the viewer will be seeing at any given point in the video. Will you be on camera, in a close-up shot? Will your narrative be heard under video showing you at work, or showing off some of the products you create or sell? Will the camera slowly zoom in from a wide shot of your art gallery to a focal point such as a sculpture by the up-and-coming artist whose work is on exhibition? Will there be slow dissolves or fast cuts to transition between scenes?

Never Seen a Video Script Before?

They can look a little overwhelming at first. We’ll explain every aspect of it so you know exactly what will be happening on camera at every moment. You’ll be able to visualize exactly what the viewer will see and hear.

This is one of many points in the video production process where your feedback is invaluable. If the narrative seems awkward at any point, or if you think there’s a better visual aspect that will highlight that part of the video more appropriately, we want you to feel free to speak up. During the scripting phase you’ll get a clear picture of how your final video will turn out. Your dream is a big step closer to being delivered!
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