This section and the section on production coordination go hand in hand. We encourage you to read both so that you have a better idea of the activity that goes on behind the scenes to make your video outstanding. After all, you’re investing money into this venture. As with any investment, it pays for you to know as much about the process as possible.

On The Surface

Production scheduling may seem to be clear-cut. It is exactly what it sounds like: Putting together a schedule for the entire process to ensure your project is completed on time and meets with your satisfaction. But what needs to be scheduled?

Let’s assume that at this point the preliminaries are done. You’ve had your concept development and storyboarding sessions so you know what the final product will look like. While the script is being written, we begin gathering and scheduling your other assets.

The Most Important Assets

shooter 3The most important assets are the people working on your shoot. We have to determine how many days of shooting will be needed and then ensure everyone we need will be available. This includes the crew (videographer(s), audio operator, field producer, makeup artist, lighting specialist, director, grip, interns) as well as the on-camera talent, including you, any clients you’ve lined up to give testimonials, your staff members, and any actors you’ve chosen to employ.

When looking at the crew you may wonder if every one of those areas needs someone separate. That depends on how complex your video will be. If it’s a highly detailed project, it pays to have separate people handling each of those areas. True, most camera operators can handle lighting and grip, but those extra tasks take away from the main task, which is to shoot the video in the best way possible. Think about it in terms of a medical procedure. Yes, the doctor could probably handle several of the side jobs involved in surgery such as getting medical instruments and monitoring your vital signs, but do you really want her distracted with all of that while she’s trying to save your life?

Production scheduling also involves reserving any locations needed. If all or part of the video is going to be shot in a studio, that space needs to be reserved. Interior locations need to be scouted and researched to ensure we can get access and, if needed, have part of the surrounding area blocked off to avoid interruptions and distractions.

Exterior Locations Require Special Attention

As with interior locations, we must be sure we have free access and schedule the time to reserve the space, but we must also do extra research. What times of day is the lighting best? Are there times when access is difficult or limited, such as high-traffic hours or normal business hours? Are there times of day when the ambient noise would hinder the audio quality Again, high-traffic hours are one concern, but other factors come into play as well. For example, is a nearby bar or club that brings out live musical acts during happy hour, which happens to be when you’re there for the shoot? Unless you planned to have an impromptu musical interlude in your video, we need to work around that.

Equally important is the post-production scheduling. We need to make sure all of the elements (including your video editor) are available to make this step go as smoothly as possible. We work with the editor to come up with a reasonable timeline, which factors in some cushion for unforeseen circumstance such as equipment failure. Though this rarely happens, it’s best to count in that time and not need it rather than fall behind on the schedule if a problem does crop up. This part of the schedule can usually be done well ahead of the shoot so that we can give you a rough estimate for project completion as soon as possible.

The process doesn’t end there. We also set up a schedule for distribution of your video on social media and other outlets. If you’re planning to release the video as part of a larger media campaign, we can help you coordinate many of the other aspects as well.

This is only a basic outline of what goes into production scheduling. The reality is, the complexity will be as individual as your project. We know you’re anxious to have a finished video in hand, and we’ll work with you to put together a schedule that will meet your needs while preserving the high quality standards that Hencar promises. Time is an asset for us as well as you, and unlike many other assets, lost or wasted time is simply irreplaceable.


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