Suppose your dream is to make a reality show. You think your family’s daily life provides perfect material. Honey Boo-boo has nothing on your eight-year-old. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of making a documentary, or an independent film. You’ve got the idea, you know we can help you with concept development and storyboarding But there’s a big obstacle to your plans: Who’s going to put up the money for it, and who’s going to distribute it?

shooter 6That’s where the concept of pitching comes in. You need to pitch your idea to make sure there’s a market for it before you spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy putting together a complete project. We could help you develop and film six episodes of your Louisiana-based reality show Dances with Nutria, but if you can’t find a network that’s interested in the topic, you’re left with what is essentially a very expensive six-hour home video.

Or you might want to do a documentary on teen basketball stars who rise up from low-income neighborhoods and win athletic scholarships to prestigious schools and ultimately gain a shot at the pros. If you track down teens to interview and put together an entire movie, but find that no one is willing to show it, you’ve not only wasted your time but also the time of those young athletes who you interviewed.

Pitching In Action

Instead of taping an entire half-season of a show, or creating an entire film, the pitching process allows you to give potential investors and distributors a taste of what you’re offering. Think about a well-edited movie trailer that focuses on some of the best highlights of your project. It takes much less time to tape a few high-energy scenes or high-impact interviews and put them together in an effective demo than it would to do the entire project, and try to shop it around afterwards.

Maybe you just have a general idea of what you want to do. You’re a big-picture sort of person, the one who inspires others. But when it comes to details like fleshing out the visuals or writing compelling dialogue, you feel like you’re being weighed down. Your wings are clipped, and rather than flying high and free you feel like you’re dragging around a 300 pound ball and chain. We help you put the details together in a project that highlights the very best you have to offer. When a network or distributor says, “Yes, we want to see that!” it will make it easier for you to get funding for the full project.

Who Needs Pitching

This isn’t just for people who want to be on the small or big screen. Maybe you’re a stand-up comedian who regularly plays a local club. We can film some of your performances and put together a sizzle reel for you to show off your funniest moments to potential agents and venues. If you’re a musician or have a band, we can highlight your best performances in a video that will make venues eager to book you.

Like a fine appetizer, the perfect pitch whets the appetite of your intended audience without breaking the bank, or your dreams. Give Hencar a call to find out how we can make you sizzle.
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