Location Scouting

“Location, location, location!” The rallying cry of the real estate industry isn’t just a gimmick. It really has an impact on how people perceive you, and it’s an integral part of any effective video.

The location of your video sets the mood. It clues people in about your product and your approach to your business. It’s an absolutely crucial tie-in to the style you want to project. Our goal at Hencar is to highlight your product or service in the best way possible, and that means putting you in the setting where you and your message will have maximum impact.

While you and/or your product are the star of the show, even stars need the right backdrop to impress the audience. Keira Knightly could give the best performance as Lady Macbeth in history, but if she’s doing it from the nosebleed section of Tropicana Field it won’t have quite the panache that a performance at a rundown castle surrounded by fog could provide. Similarly, a realtor dealing in high-end homes will be less effective if she’s shown exclusively in her office rather than at some of the mansions she’s representing.

What Matters

What matters is how you want people to identify you. If you’re a plastic surgeon who prides yourself on providing highly personalized care, do you want your video to focus on the operating room where everyone, including you, will be covered up in surgical masks? Or would you prefer to be shown (unmasked) in your office, consulting with prospective patients in a reassuring atmosphere that lets everyone know you put your patients first?

On the other hand, if you’re a lawyer who wants to court the hottest emerging companies, you must project trustworthiness in an atmosphere that says you are up to date with the latest business trends. The trustworthiness comes from your message, where you lay out your credentials, and that’s where our process of scriptwriting comes in. Along with the tone of your message, the setting tells people who you are. A video shot in an ill-lit office with shelves of books bound in dull tones of maroon and brown will not impress. You might as well throw on a tweed suit and audition for a remake of “The Paper Chase.” A sleek high-rise conference room with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the city skyline will tell potential clients that you’re at home in any corporate setting.

What About More Than One Location

Some videos demand more than one location. One of the dead giveaways to a poorly produced video is a series of stock photos showing people in generic settings (think “man laughing while on the phone at a business desk” or “woman looking thoughtful while she ponders a computer screen”). It basically tells the viewer that the video was only shot in one or two locations, with one or two static camera positions, and the stock photos were needed as “filler” because there wasn’t enough variety in the locations or the camera angles to move the video along organically.

We want to give you the most from every location where we shoot your video. That’s why we offer a range of services including dolly/jib operations and aerial videography to give you sensational perspectives that will make every location in your video pop.

Hencar’s consultants will work with you to find the perfect setting or settings for your video. We have a range of options available, from on-the-scene locations to studio shoots involving sets in varying levels of complexity as well as green screen effects. If you have a general idea of the tone you’re looking for but can’t think of a place that’s suitable, let us come up with a list of possibilities for you to review. You can be sure Hencar will find the location to suit your needs perfectly.


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