Motion Graphics & Animation

You’ve got a video that looks great in every way. The shoot was perfect, every camera angle was great, the audio is smooth and the scripting drives the message home.

Now, you just need that final touch to sink the deal. The element that will take your video over the top, from great to unbeatable. That’s where a sleek graphics package gives you the edge. It can boost your video’s impact exponentially.

Before we go any further, check out the graphics package we did for Afterburner, Inc. when we produced new videos for their ramped-up website. This isn’t your grandparents’ PowerPoint presentation. Decisions on where to put the graphics and how they should look were made during the concept development phase. Hencar’s producers, video shooters, and graphic artists, as well as Afterburner representatives, conceived an overall vision of how all of the elements of the videos, from music to graphics, would work together. We’ll want you to play an integral part in those decisions about your own video.

stillshot of motion graphics and animation in video

There’s no question that graphics can be an invaluable component of any video. First, graphics capture the viewer’s eye. When the mind encounters something out of the ordinary like a special moving graphic or animation, it brings things into sharper focus. That means the viewer will pay more attention to whatever message you’re giving at that moment.

Graphics can also reinforce information you’re trying to convey to the audience. Instead of a static slide with a bunch of numbers and graphs, a dynamic moving graphic will draw the viewers’ attention and make it more likely that they will retain the information you’re trying to convey. We direct you back to our projects page. Take a look at the video for Flawless Execution, which is a trademarked process developed through the elite military experience of Afterburner’s trainers. You’ll see several examples of dynamic graphics that explain the concept clearly.

What is the difference between moving graphics and animation?

It’s really in the intent of each. Animation is meant to convey an overall feel, whereas moving graphics are designed to convey specific information that you want the viewer to understand and retain. Looking at it another way, motion graphics are a subset of the larger category of animation.

The new software available to both graphic artists and video editors makes it relatively easy to develop graphics with a wide range of complexity. We are light years away from the days when any picture that moved on the screen had to be painstakingly drawn by hand, with only the smallest changes from frame to frame to ensure that end product had a smooth, non-distracting movement. You may have even experimented with animation yourself if you’ve done PowerPoint or Keynotes presentations. Compare those results to the tamer presentations where there were simple transitions in between slides, and you can appreciate how a little bit of graphic livelihood can vastly improve your attempt to convey a message.

Hencar works with experienced graphic designers to take your video to the next level in terms of impact and information delivery. Whether you’re selling hotcakes or hard drives, we can craft a little graphic magic for your video that will knock your competition out of the picture.

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