DVD/Data DVD/Data CD

We’ve spoken about how to ensure people can view your video online. Sometimes, though, you just need to take it with you.

You may want to show it at a conference, a meeting, or even an informal function for your company. Maybe you have a display table at a convention, and you want to have your video or videos playing in a loop to draw attention and highlight your project. You don’t want to waste time trying to log in and get onto this account or that site. You just want to hit “play”. Or, you want a fast way to transfer it to another computer, maybe one you have at home, so you have it for easy reference. You may just want to have it in a form you can hold in your hand. After all, you worked hard for it!

We Can Do That

There are a few options to go over, but all of them are relatively simple. Really, it just depends on your needs.

Of course the most obvious way to take your video with you is to burn it onto a DVD. A data DVD is one option if you just want to transfer the file from one computer to another, or have it for backup storage. If you want to play it for presentation, such as at a meeting or for your family (come on, you know they’re proud of your video project!), a regular video DVD is the thing to use. It can be inserted into a DVD or Blu-ray device and played just as you would any other DVD.

dvdThe essential question here is, what sort of player will you be using? A standard DVD player, a high-def player like Blu-ray, or an application like RealPlayer on your computer? That can influence the file format when burning the video to DVD.

A third option is to use a CD, sometimes referred to as a Video CD (VCD). These can be played in special players, as well as some regular DVD players and computers. While the video and audio quality on VCDs is far lower than DVDs, they can be a cost-effective way of getting your project distributed, especially if you’re looking to send hard copies of your video to other countries. The VCD is still popular in overseas markets, including large portions of Asia, India and Africa. For a long time, one of the drawbacks of VCDs was that there was no content protection, meaning they could be easily pirated. However, in recent years methods of content protection have been developed.

Hencar’s experts will sit down with you to discuss the best options for giving you suitable hard copies of your video. We take the guesswork out of the process by handling issues like formatting so all you have to do is hit the “play” button, sit back, and enjoy.

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