Digital file delivery

Congratulations! It’s done! Your video is finally edited, and you couldn’t be happier with the results. The hard part is over, right?

Let’s think about that. Was the hard part sending men to the moon, or getting them back in one piece?

Not that this is something that requires a rocket scientist to solve. Although having Mr. Spock around for this phase would be nifty. Finishing the video is one thing. Now, how the heck do you get it out there for other people to see it?

The problem here stems from the wide variety of devices available for viewing videos. It’s absolutely crucial that your video is suitable for being downloaded on everything from a desktop computer to a smart phone to a tablet, especially now that so many more people are using mobile devices to do business research.

We had this discussion briefly in the section on transcoding & compression but we should delve into it a bit more at this point. Let’s suppose you’ve commissioned an advertisement that you want to run on your website, on your Vimeo page, and on local or even national stations. Just send them all a DVD of the final video, right?

Well… Let’s just say you’ll have some more decisions to make.

In many cases, when you’re dealing with broadcast and/or cable stations, they’ll tell you how they need the product delivered. All the specifications will be laid out including the format they require. It may look daunting when you see the list, especially since much of it may appear to be written in another language. But they’ve actually made things simpler. They’ve taken out the guesswork, which is half the battle at this stage.

The problem crops up when you need to get the video onto other outlets. You need to upload it to your website or your Vimeo and/or Youtube page. And of course, you’re heeding our previous advice and want to ensure that it’s viewable on a variety of devices.

digital delivery

To ensure maximum impact with your target audience, your video must play correctly on a variety of devices.

Do you need MPEG-2 or H.264? Maybe AVI? Standard definition, high definition, or medium definition? (Hint: that last one doesn’t exist.)

Now of course, if you happen to have access to a shaman with a Ouija board, this should be a piece of cake to figure out. But chances are you don’t. When you’re working with Hencar, you don’t have to worry about it. We can take care of delivering the video to all of the outlets you need. We can also work with the company doing your web design to ensure you have the option that’s right for your situation. Generally this involves choosing whether to embed the video on your site, or to simply add links that take visitors to external channels such as YouTube. The latter can be more efficient for addressing the requirements of various mobile devices.

Whichever options you choose, you can rest assured that Hencar will handle the details and deliver your video to every outlet you need, allowing you to focus your time and energy on growing your business and reaching your next dream.

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