How Involved Do I Need To Be With The Video Process?

Answer: … As Much As Possible

This is your project. You will be involved. We will make you involved. We will hunt you down. We will call you. Repeatedly. We will email you. Repeatedly. We will burst through your bedroom window in the middle of the night dressed like ninjas. Probably not repeatedly, because you’ll quickly wise up and get guard dogs, but that one time will be memorable. Then we will hire witches to send banshees to hound you to the ends of the Earth. If that doesn’t work, we will turn your name over to Tyra. Yes, that Tyra. You do not want to be on her “naughty” list.

Expect To Be Involved

Kidding aside (well, we were actually serious about the banshees), you have to expect to be involved in this project. Being a full-service video and content production company does not mean Hencar will do your thinking for you. You have to know what you want, you have to speak up when you have misgivings or concerns, and you have to give us actionable feedback. The key here is “actionable”.

Don’t just tell us we need to reshoot a scene to make it more glamorous. We have no idea what your concept of glamorous is. We know what our vision of glamorous is, but if we were on the same wavelength then there wouldn’t be a discussion about reshooting a scene. Have lots of examples ready if you have a specific look you’re going for, or a specific atmosphere or effect you want to achieve. If nothing matches your vision, then cobble together the best examples of what is closest to your dream, show them to us, and explain clearly what differences you need to see in your video project.


You are absolutely needed during the pre-production phase. You have to give us some ideas to go on so we can carry out concept development and storyboarding. And then you have to speak up clearly if you aren’t satisfied with some aspect or aspects. Tell us what needs to change. Be aware that you will be called on to approve various elements such as graphics, casting decisions, and locations. The last thing we want to hear from you is: “That sounds good.” No. It must sound great.  You have to be enthusiastic about every part of your video.


You are certainly welcome to come along on the shoot even if you aren’t actively involved with the actual production, either in front of the camera or behind the scenes. We can’t imagine you not wanting to be there, but we understand that you may not have time. But someone representing you has to be there. So, be very involved in deciding who that person is, be very confident that person will make the same decisions you would make.


Of course we will call you during the editing phase. You may not need to sit over the editor’s shoulder as she lays every shot, but be prepared to see a rough cut. And then another rough cut. This is the time to speak up and request any changes. It won’t be as polished as the final version, but this is the easiest time to make changes and will give you a solid idea of what the final product will look like.

And Lastly…

You’ll have to decide where the video will go. If you have a website, you’ll have to ensure it’s optimized to support your video for people to be able to watch it on a wide variety of devices. You’ll also have to decide how you’ll get the word out once your video is done. Social media campaigns are complex. You can’t just put a post on Facebook and send out a half-hearted Tweet and leave it at that. You have to be relentless.

Hopefully this hasn’t scared you away from doing a video. We just think you need to have your eyes wide open when you decide to pull the trigger on a video project. One of the things production companies like to hear is “What do you need from me?” Ask the question often, and be ready to act when they take you up on your offer to help. The more involved you are, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want.