The Team

  • Joe Carter

    CEO & Founder

    [email protected]

    Joe Carter is a proud Colorado native and a huge Denver Broncos fan! Since college Joe's worked all around the country at a number of television networks as a sports anchor and reporter. At CBS, NBC and CNN, Joe was front and center covering the Tiger Woods scandal, the Lebron James "Decision", the Super Bowl blackout, the Penn State scandal and the Alex Rodriguez steroid saga. Joe racked up lots and lots of miles covering each of those stories including; the Daytona 500, Kentucky Derby, NBA finals, World Cup, BCS Championship, Final Four and the World Series. The energy it takes to tell great stories surrounding those events Joe puts into every project at Hencar Productions.

  • Susan Hendricks


    [email protected]

    Susan Hendricks is from New Jersey but started her career in California at NBC and ABC before joining CNN/HLN in Atlanta. Susan has covered breaking news stories both in the field and at the helm of the anchor desk including the gripping live coverage of the riots in Ferguson Missouri, the capture of Saddam Hussein, the devastating 2009 flooding in Atlanta, and Hurricane Katrina. She has interviewed high profile newsmakers such as Senator John McCain and Walter Cronkite. She brings her enthusiasm for compelling story telling to every project, and will ensure your story gets the unique, personalized treatment it deserves.