Behind the scenes: Hencar’s shoot with Arete Scholars

Hencar is excited about our new project with Arete Scholars, an organization that provides scholarships to help K-12 students attend the schools that best fit their needs. We’re working together to create a series of videos highlighting the stories of students and parents who have benefitted from the scholarships, as well as corporate donors and school administrators. The students’ personal stories of making sacrifices and overcoming obstacles were inspiring to all of us. We held the two-day shoot at Studio Space Atlanta, which offers several studios including a green wall/green screen space. While we went for a minimalist look to focus the attention on the families’ narratives, we want to give a shout out to All About Props, which furnished the chalkboard seen in all of the videos. These videos will be rolling out soon—stay tuned for an update! In the meantime, here are some highlights of the shoot. Click on the photos below for the full-size resolution.