10 Ways Your Mom Was Wrong and Video is Right

Remember all those things your mother told you to keep you in line when you were growing up? Things that turned out to be… ahem… questionable at best? We thought it would be fun to take a quick trip down memory lane and show you that while good old mom may not always have known best, at least she had your best interests at heart. And so do we. So we’re putting to rest some old wives’ tales and misconceptions that may have had misled you about life in general, and shining a light on how video can make your life much nicer.


"Because I said so!"

“Because I said so!”

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Yes, actually, you can. It’s very unlikely that a picture of a half-naked pirate clasping a swooning damsel will be found on a book about quantum chromodynamics (“Is that a quark in your pocket captain, or are you just happy to see me?”). You can also judge a company by its video presence, or lack thereof. A company without video on its website is a company that can’t see, much less position itself, ahead of the curve. But at least they’re not alone. Less than one quarter of all brands use online video to market to consumers. Don’t be one of those companies. Potential customers pay more attention to websites with videos, because videos are engaging and deliver information in a way that’s easier to digest than a lot of text.  Even when video is intrusive, it still gets attention. Don’t assume everyone is ignoring those ads that pop on their favorite websites. The right kind of ads do get results. Video ads get three times more clicks than ads you have to read, like banner ads.

You need to wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident.

If you’re in an accident, there’s a good chance your underwear will no longer be clean anyway. The EMTs are not going to yank down your trousers and say: “Oh too bad, his underwear is dingy. Put away the defibrillator, he’s not worth saving.” Still, it pays to make a good first impression. We stop short of advising you to introduce yourself with: “Hi, my name is Sam, and I put on clean boxers this morning!” But a solid introduction will go a long way to building solid ROI, and nothing gives you that opportunity like video. Video allows you to introduce yourself to potential clients and colleagues in a very personal yet professional way. They get a sense of who you are, your style, and your judgment. People are more likely to do business with those they trust, and they are more likely to trust you if they can get a feel for you by seeing and hearing you, rather than reading text (which they know full well may have been written by someone else).

You’ll catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair. 

By this bizarre line of reasoning, every Buddhist monk in the world would be immune to colds.

"It can't possibly be a cold... I have no hair!"

“It can’t possibly be a cold… I have no hair!”

If you want to reduce your chance of getting a cold, which is caused by a virus, you have to bone up on hygiene and other health practices that will minimize your risk. In the same way, if you want prevent your business from languishing in search-engine limbo like a sick person limply moaning in bed, bone up on the ways video can improve your ranking in web searches. For example, Google owns YouTube. If you have a strong video presence on YouTube, Google considers you more relevant, and you appear higher in search results. Get a lot of traffic on your YouTube site, and chances are you’ll be on the first page of results for searches related to your good or services.

If you do (X), you’ll go blind!

We assume we don’t need to clarify what “X” is. The reality is, even in cases of severe glaucoma, “X” does not make your eyesight any worse, because while “X” temporarily increases your blood pressure, glaucoma only gets worse with sustained high blood pressure. If you’re doing “X” enough to keep your blood pressure up consistently, you probably have no time to make videos, or do anything else for that matter. For the rest of us,  “Y” is the real danger, because it absolutely can make us blind. “Y” is  underestimating the appeal of videos on a wide range of platforms besides your company’s website. Case in point: Social media outlets. Facebook now reports more than eight BILLION video views on its site every day. That’s a whole lot of (perfectly fine) eyeballs tuning in to videos. And let’s face it, putting links to your video on social media is pretty much like free advertising. Even a single share could send your video link to thousands of additional people. As we mentioned in a recent post, work your contacts when you put up a new video to make sure the word gets out and the link gets shared as much as possible.

"Why yes, I did just get glasses. What are you implying?"

“Why yes, I did just get glasses. What are you implying?”

Carrots will make your eyesight much better.

Again, external influences like what you do and what you eat do not affect your eyesight. We’re talking about regular activities, not pepper-spraying yourself repeatedly or staring at the sun. Owls, sharks, cats, and snakes all have excellent eyesight. Do you ever see them munching on carrot sticks? Foresight, on the other hand, can indeed be honed and sharpened. You just have to get used to seeing trends before they fully emerge. If you’re on the fence about whether establishing a video presence is worthwhile, consider this: Cisco predicts that by 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic worldwide. Can you afford to ignore a platform with that kind of exponentially expanding reach?

Your face will stay like that if you keep that expression much longer!

Only if your expression is naturally blank, and you’re getting tons of Botox injections on top of that. Even those will wear off and your face will thaw out eventually. However, it’s quite possible your business returns will stay vapid and dull unless you find a way to stick out in the crowd. If your competitors aren’t tapping into the potential that video offers, beat them to the punch.(Remember what we said earlier: Less than a quarter of brands are using online video to target consumers.) If they are using video, don’t be discouraged. Become better at it than they are. Consider using videos not just to push your business, but to polish your own reputation and prestige. Start a video series of “expert tips” pertinent to your line of business. You don’t have to give away all of your secrets. If you just demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and can find the solutions your potential clients need, you’ll come out a winner.

If you swallow that gum, it will stay inside you forever. 

Never, ever, ever heard during a colonoscopy: “Oh my God, there’s that piece of gum he swallowed when he was six!” It will not stay inside you forever. And if you also swallowed that bit about carrots making your eyes stronger, all the extra roughage you consumed likely ensured that the gum didn’t stay around very long at all. However, video is a bit different. Once it’s on the internet, it can stay there forever. That’s why you have to make sure the video you make is absolutely right for you. Go with a company like Hencar that offers you extensive pre-production guidance for essentials like storyboarding, scriptwriting, and concept development to ensure the final product is exactly what you want. You definitely do not want to end up on some late night talk show host’s list of “Stupid Videos of the Week.” It’s true that some videos will eventually be outdated, simply because they deal with topics and information that has changed and evolved. However, done properly, you can expect a solid video to remain useful and relevant for at least two years.

"If my gum could stay in me forever, I wonder if I could keep my cat with me forever by eating her?" And the day goes downhill from there...

“If my gum could stay in me forever, I wonder if I could keep my cat with me forever by eating her?” And the day goes downhill from there…

Milk will make you big and strong.

OK, it can help. However, if a child is old enough to understand that message, then the child is also old enough to assimilate the same nutrients that milk offers from non-dairy sources. Of course if the child is lactose intolerant, her legs will certainly get big and strong from all the mad dashes to the bathroom after being force-fed a glass of milk at every meal. What will make you big and strong in the world of video? Consistency is key. Don’t just make a single video or series of videos and leave them orphaned on your YouTube channel for years without adding new material. Nothing tells potential clients, as well as others in your field, that you lack consistency more than a video horde that was basically buried for safe keeping four years ago. Hint: If you look significantly younger in your videos than you do in that LinkedIn profile picture you updated last month, people are going to suspect it’s been awhile since you stepped in front of the video camera. Taking the step of establishing a video presence is like investing in a rare orchid. It requires patience, care, and continued attention to produce the best results. Just like you need to keep getting calcium as you get older (from milk or elsewhere), you also need to keep your video presence up-to-date, fresh, and relevant for your intended audience. Don’t cut corners with this one.

Stop signs with white borders are optional.

If your Mom told you this, she’s way cool and we want her on our team! Technically, all stop signs are optional as long as you’re willing to face the consequences for ignoring them. There are also consequences for ignoring new trends in how video is used. Of course you want to have your videos on your website and on your YouTube or Vimeo channel, but don’t stop there. We’ve already touched upon how effective videos can be in social media. Now let’s expand that to include your email campaigns. Forbes predicts that this year, there will be a significant shift away from plain, text-heavy emails towards emails that have video links. It boils down to this: Reading is basically more work than watching and listening. Make the process of conveying your message less work for the recipient, and they’ll be more receptive to what you’re saying. Video is the perfect way to do this, so make sure you use video links when possible in your email campaigns.

I’m your mother. I would never lie to you. 

Seriously? Did you not read the first nine items? Do you really think there’s been a piece of gum stuck in your lower intestine since 1978?

Let’s wrap this up with a promise. We want you to understand how much you can gain by using videos as part of your branding and marketing campaigns. Again, we go back to that statistic: Less than 25% of brands are using video marketing directed towards consumers. Think about the other part of that equation: 75% are NOT using video. This is your chance to get in the game while the field is wide open, and establish yourself as a forward-thinker. Hencar will work with you to give you the upper hand in this brave new world. But don’t wait too long. The train’s just about to pull out of the station. Make sure you’ve got your seat reserved.