Hencar Videos Showcase Expertise of Afterburner Inc.

Hencar has just completed a new series of videos for Atlanta-based Afterburner Inc., highlighting the expertise of its elite former military members who now coach C-suite clients around the world. The videos demonstrate the wide range of topics which Afterburner’s trainers cover in their seminars, including the need for corporate leaders to have the courage to execute in a dynamic business environment.

Afterburner Courage to Execute from Hencar Productions on Vimeo.

Afterburner is a multi-million dollar consultancy that works with some of the country’s top brand names, including Johnson&Johnson, Home Depot, and software giant VMWare. Forbes recently named Afterburner one of America’s top small businesses. Hencar has produced a dozen videos like the one you just watched, giving Afterburner a powerful means to expand its client base and solidify its presence in the ever-growing web marketing arena.