Why Video Is A Must For Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Happy 2016! Here’s a quick brainteaser to get your new year started off right: When does a trend become a must-do?

A)  Six weeks after Kim Kardashian did it (assuming less than five people died from it in the interim)

B)  When more than 50% of your competition is doing it

C) When you want to slap the next person who tells you about it because you’ve heard about it so much it’s coming out of your eyeballs

D) When you see a great way to put a personal spin on it to put you ahead of the curve and tailor the trend to your own needs

We believe the answer is “E“, all of the above. And that’s why video is now a must do for any successful marketing plan.

To Put It Simply, Video Is Huge.

New year, new attitude. Video can push your marketing to the next level

New year, new attitude. Video can push your marketing to the next level

Cisco estimates that by 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. And video is proven to get attention. Online video ads get three times more clicks than ads in other formats. Online video ad revenue is expected to hit $5 BILLION this year, up nearly 80% from 2013.

Numbers like that are impressive. But beyond statistics, there are many reasons why video will help your 2016 marketing efforts become more successful. First, people want to do business with those they feel they can trust. Your video will give you a way to establish that relationship. Potential clients can see you, hear about you and your services, and listen as you tell them in your own words why you’re the best person to fit their need. It’s up to you whether you appear on camera or not. Sometimes you may want or need to have someone else be the spokesperson. But remember, this is essentially a suped-up version of a calling card. It’s one thing for people to go to your website to read more about you, but it’s much more effective for them to actually see and hear you in action. It gives them a sense of who you are, and the fact that you’re willing to put your face out there is a big selling point that can tip the trust-o-meter in your favor. So think carefully before you give in to modesty and hand over your thunder to someone else.

People Like Video

You also need to consider that watching video is more appealing than reading text to a lot of people. Reading is work. We don’t want to say that people are intrinsically lazy. But yeah, kind of, these days they are. Video is more engaging than the written word, and that means audience receptivity and retention of the message go up. Way up. Video gives you the chance to craft the perfect blend of words and visuals that will have a bigger impact on your audience than simply reading text on your website could ever have.

Plus, video lets them see you and/or your product in action. Potential customers relate much more closely when they see some action. What would you rather see: A static photo of your new state-of-the-art sprocket, or a picture of your state-of-the-art sprocket being used in… well, whatever sprockets are for. That’s another selling point. Do people understand why they must, absolutely must have your product or service? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video can close the deal in just a few minutes.

Getting attention is only half the battle. Keeping audience engagement is important too

Getting attention is only half the battle. Keeping audience engagement is important too

Once you get audience engagement, video is a great way to keep that engagement. But that takes commitment on your part. If you’re willing to regularly release new videos, you can count on steady audience growth and stronger responses than you’ll get if you just put out a few one-off videos. We can’t count the number of websites we’ve visited, advertising all manner of goods and services, which have tired old videos that were clearly shot years and years ago. What’s the message here? A bleak combination of: “We’re not really trying all that hard,” “We haven’t really changed all that much in years,” and “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (and by ‘fix it’ we mean ‘get off our backsides to change something’).” Yeah, that’ll have customers breaking down the doors. To escape.

Don’t overlook the value videos have in social media and email marketing campaigns. Check out your competitors’ websites. How many of them have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Vimeo sites? Now, how many of them are keeping those sites updated? Three Tweets a month? Kid stuff. Pure bush league. A Facebook post from last June’s company picnic? Pshaw. How many of those people are still working there? You can do better than that. You have to do better than that, because if you don’t, someone else will. One way you can jump ahead right now, is to link videos to your social media posts. Don’t underestimate how much attention you can get with videos on sites like Facebook. While YouTube may be the first thing you think of when video hosting is mentioned, fairly recent analyses indicate Facebook native videos outperform those shared from YouTube. Facebook video views grew from four BILLION daily to eight BILLION daily between April and October of 2015.

But Don’t Underestimate YouTube Either

Because it’s owned by Google, websites that include YouTube videos typically rank higher in Google searches than those without. Of course you have to know the ins and outs of optimizing those videos so they’ll rank higher in the searches, and the videos have to be compelling enough to keep people engaged more than a few seconds (a quick click-away from your video can drive your YouTube ranking down).

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a different beast, but the allure of video still carries over. People are more likely to pay attention to an email with a video link and less likely to unsubscribe from a mailing list when the emails contain videos. And Forbes predicts a strong trend away from text-heavy emails in the coming year. What will replace all that text? Forbes says links to videos will be the new thing in 2016.

Naturally, all of these outcomes depend on creating videos that are engaging, concise, and relevant to your audience. At Hencar we go through an extensive pre-production phase with you, including concept development and storyboarding as well as scriptwriting, to make sure your message is on target every time. Don’t let another year go by without reassessing the impact video can have on your marketing plan and your bottom line.