Scripting motivational videos

You believe in your message with your whole heart. Now how do you get other people to believe it too? The difference between motivating people and smothering them with overkill isn’t always easy to discern, especially from your viewpoint. It’s absolutely natural for you to be brimming with enthusiasm. In fact, if you’re serious about sharing your message, and sharing it consistently, enthusiasm is essential. You shouldn’t tone it down at all unless absolutely necessary.

Whether you're aiming for small or big audiences, motivational videos can make your message shine

Whether you’re aiming for small or big audiences, motivational videos can make your message shine

This is why it really pays to have someone help you with scriptwriting when you plan to do a motivational video. You’re already hooked on your message, but while that’s a good thing in terms of maintaining needed energy, it sometimes makes it hard for you to objectively see how your message is coming off to others.

An outside pair of eyes will help you in several areas. Pacing is important for your video. If you start off on a roll, you’d better maintain that roll for the whole video, which is easy to do for a 30-second spot and really tough for a half-hour spot. The longer your video is, the more chance there is for it to get repetitive, which is a turnoff for most viewers. A well-organized script can keep the information flowing forward while allowing you to bask in the energy of your sales pitch.

An objective scriptwriter can also tell you when you’re pushing your pitch too hard. You may think you can’t overstate the importance of your idea but believe us, you absolutely can. If you do viewers will start to erect a mental barrier. It’s a natural defense mechanism. Viewers today are very savvy. They’ve seen a lot of pitches and also seen a lot of disappointment when people fall for those pitches then get less than they expect. This is not a commentary on the integrity of your message. It is a commentary on how viewers may perceive your message if you’re not careful.

At Hencar we usually want to go over your scripts with you before the shoot, first so that we can make any changes that are needed, and secondly, so we can see how you’re going to read them. If you’re doing a motivational video, this is the time to show us all of your enthusiasm, and to be open to constructive feedback. What comes off as a reasonable, well-constructed pitch on paper can get totally blown up if the delivery is overboard.

Let’s face it. There’s only one Richard Simmons. There’s only one Tony Robbins. There’s only one Linda Larsen. You’re not any of them. You are you, and you have to come off as your own person. High energy is crucial in a motivational video, but it cannot be the defining aspect of your on-camera persona. We’ve all seen infomercials where the pitch person is running around the set, giving the appearance of just barely being able to keep up with what he’s trying to sell because he’s got so many projects going on at once. This is not a good way to convince people to buy anything you’re selling, unless you’re selling caffeine pills.

The pre-shoot meeting, which is really a dress rehearsal as well as a final rewriting session, is the perfect place to hone those rough edges down, so that when the shoot day arrives you’ll be ready and won’t have to do endless takes.

Finally, a scriptwriter can help you fine-tune your message to bring out every bit of relevance to the viewer. No matter how enthusiastic you are, if you’re selling an idea or self-improvement product or process that the viewer can’t relate to, your video won’t do you any good. Again, because you’re so close to your project and so involved with it, you may just assume people understand the fine points that really make it worthwhile. If it’s their first time hearing about it, they won’t understand those points unless you specifically bring them out. The objective eyes of a scriptwriter will ensure the vital selling points of your message aren’t glossed over or lost altogether.

Think about it this way. You’ve invested a lot of time, energy, belief, and hope into developing your message. Don’t you want the best possible vehicle to convey it to a brand new audience so that they can benefit from it too? At Hencar, we take the time to really understand your message and to share your enthusiasm. We’ll help you polish everything from the wording to the delivery to ensure viewers are just as enthusiastic about your work.