The Write Thing: Scripting Your Video

When does your video dream become reality? Is it only when you have the final product in your hands? Or does it happen, little by little, in a gradual process during which the intangible becomes perceptible?

It’s a matter of viewpoint of course, but at Hencar we’d argue for the latter. It first starts to take shape with concept development and storyboarding. Then the really big step happens—the one where you get a firm idea of what the dialogue will sound like and how the visuals will look.

The Script.

What goes into writing a script? That’s not a simple answer. The process is as individual as your project. You may be surprised to learn that some production companies will expect you to provide the script. It’s one thing to have a strong idea of what you want the video to look like, maybe even have a few lines of dialogue or a catchphrase that you really want to include. But unless you’re a professional writer, how are you supposed to come up with a script for the video company?

From your mind to the eyes of the world: scripting brings your ideas to life

From your mind’s eye to the eyes of the world: scripting brings your ideas to life

The first step may be to simply look for another company. At Hencar we’re experienced in writing for a variety of long and short formats, and can help you craft the script that you want.

This is a partnership step. Video production companies like Hencar that offer scripting can do a lot of the heavy lifting with the writing, but we rely heavily on you at this point to give us honest feedback. If something doesn’t sound right or raises questions, you need to speak up.

How does the scriptwriting process unfold? Usually, we’ll take what you’ve told us during our initial discovery meeting and any subsequent concept building conversations and expand on that. We’ll put together a preliminary script that, along with the storyboard, should allow you to visualize what the video will look like when it’s complete. Finer touches like graphics, sound effects, and visual effects like transitions will come later during the post-production phase, although the script should give you a very clear idea of how these will look.

Is it possible to do a video without scripted dialogue? Yes, it’s possible but not very advisable. Even if you’re an expert in your field and can rattle off a sales pitch at the drop of a hat, scripting the video helps keep everyone on point. You’d be surprised how frequently people who are tops in their field can drift off target, which only weakens the video’s impact. You really have to capture the viewer’s interest very quickly and keep them highly focused on your message, or you’ll lose their attention in short order.

Can You Write Your Own Script?

Of course! If this is something you’ve been working on, and you know exactly what you want to see and hear in the video, by all means write it down. Don’t worry about formatting, as we can help you with that step. Be aware that Hencar will give you feedback, just as we expect feedback from you. Just as you are the expert in your field, we are the experts in ours, and we can tell fairly quickly if something won’t work, or won’t come off the way you anticipate.

Like any creative process, scriptwriting requires some flexibility and a willingness to bend to ensure the final product is outstanding. With that in mind, don’t hold back and let those creative juices flow!