Hencar Videos Boost Web Presence of Investment Management Firm KAM South

Hencar is working closely with independent private wealth-management firm KAM South to bring you vital information for building your wealth, saving for retirement, and strengthening your investment portfolio.

As a thought leader in the investment management business and an experienced financial expert, KAM South CEO Christian Koch places top priority on serving his clients as a steward of their assets.

Christian is a Harvard Business School AMP graduate. He also holds the prestigious Certified Financial Planner, ™ Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, ™ and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® certifications, placing him in a select group of financial professionals.

KAM South CEO Christian Koch trusted Hencar to produce videos for his new website

KAM South CEO Christian Koch trusted Hencar to produce videos for his new website

Like other savvy business leaders, Christian knows that the Internet is a powerful tool for connecting with people on the go who don’t always have time to sit at their desks doing research, but frequently use mobile devices to get the information they need. With videos, it’s possible to reach this audience on any device.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Christian has a solid reputation for staying ahead of the curve, and he understands the need for finding new ways to reach out and engage potential clients. That’s why he trusted Hencar CEO Joe Carter to produce a series of video tips for his website. Joe’s background with major networks including CBS, NBC and CNN, plus his passion for telling great stories and creating compelling videos, made him a perfect choice to highlight Christian’s expertise. Joe and Christian worked together extensively before and during the shoot to hone the video scripting and delivery, ensuring each video remained succinct and on point.

Together, Hencar and KAM South produced a series of videos that provide tips on financial planning, retirement strategies, and investment. These videos can now be found on the KAM South website, which was created by Thrasher Photo + Design and designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly .

KAM South CEO Christian Coach(seated  with (l-r)  Hencar CEO Joe Carter, videographer Ben Traylor, producer Keith Schulenberg

KAM South CEO Christian Coach(seated) with (l-r) Hencar CEO Joe Carter, videographer Ben Traylor, producer Keith Schulenberg

Christian was a natural on camera, and worked closely with us to ensure the tips were high-value to everyone who wants to have a sound financial strategy. He chose Hencar to produce these videos because he knows our commitment to quality is unsurpassed.

The Power of Video

Videos like these are powerful marketing assets. They’re crucial tools that help a website rise higher in search engine rankings. Nearly 60 percent of the CEOs questioned in a Forbes survey say they prefer watching video to reading text when doing business research. Those same trends are mirrored among the public at large. By having his videos embedded in his website as well as having a Vimeo Pro channel KAM South is getting far more exposure and rising in relevance on search engines far more quickly than it could just by having a stand-alone website.

Christian also understands the need for a solid social media strategy. The videos we produced for him are perfect for sharing on Facebook and other social media sites. Nearly a third of Facebook users—about 56 million people—are ages 35-54. That represents a 41% increase for this age group of users in just three years. This is the age when people start having the resources to focus on saving for retirement and building wealth, making this group the perfect audience for Christian’s tips and financial planning services.