7 Ways to Reuse Still Photos From Your Video Project

You’ve committed to creating a video or a series of videos for your company, personal project, a charitable cause, or something else dear to your heart. Congratulations! That’s a huge step in making your dream a reality. This is the time to dream big, and to consider another medium that you can use in conjunction with the videos.

We’re talking about still photography. While it’s possible to capture frames from your final video and use them as pictures, you’ll be more likely to get a perfect picture from a still photographer. The photographer can be integrated into the video shoot, capturing shots between takes or during the actual shooting.

A wide investment: Still photography can complement your video project and be reused for multiple purposes

A wide investment: Still photography can complement your video project and be reused for multiple purposes

Why would you want this added expense? Here are seven ways you can use still photographs to add a new dimension and make your project even more effective.

1) Within The Video Itself

If you have a product you’re trying to push, be it custom made fishing lures or amazing canapés from your catering business, still photographs of the product can be incorporated into your video with great results. We’ve all had those moments when time seemed to stand still as we focused on a single thing. That’s the effect you can achieve with still photographs in a video. They draw and focus the viewer’s attention while highlighting your product in the best setting possible.

2) On Your Website

Of course you’ll want your video on your website, but there’s lots of real estate on the average site. You can use a montage of photographs at the top of the home page, create a separate page with a gallery of photos, and use them throughout the site to highlight and punctuate written copy.

3) On Social Media

Photos are absolutely essential when you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. You probably already know that social media are vital marketing tools. Your competitors know it too. You need something that says: “Read me!” Think about how many social media posts you read each day. Why do you choose to read some and breeze past others in your feeds? Eye-catching photographs are a big reason people click on posts.

4) Within Your Place of Business

Photographs of your products, or you and your staff working with clients, are a great way to connect with people who come to your place of business. Of course they’ll look fantastic on the walls. Even a few discretely placed photos (think framed pictures on side tables in the waiting area or at the receptionist’s desk) will have an impact. They not only set the professional tone for your business, they also give clients a sense of the people behind your product.

5) On Your Blog

This is the place where you can demonstrate your expertise in your field at length, and is another great tool to connect with your desired clientele on a personal level. Stock photos are common on blogs, but using photos that show you, your staff, and/or your products will be far more effective, especially with people who are still potential, rather than existing clients. People do business with those they trust, and using personal pictures to add a personal touch to your blog will make you stand out.

6) To Increase Your Public Presence

You are the expert in your field. If you want others to acknowledge your expertise, you have to get their attention and show them what you’ve got. Whether you’re looking to have local or national media book you for appearances, or want producers of relevant podcasts to have you on as a regular guest, or want the people who organize conventions and meeting to bring you in as a speaker, a professional media packet isn’t complete without photographs. The same photos you took as part of your video shoot are an excellent addition to these packets. They show you and/or your product off to best advantage. While a good still photograph of you is essential, these supplemental photos may help swing the deal and get you the bookings you desire.

7) For Promotional Materials

Whether you choose to use print media such as ads in print publications, mailers, or brochures, or whether you want to stick with the electronic versions of all of these, quality photos are a must to make the presentation pop. Even if you opt for mostly electronic delivery, having a few printed brochures with pictures of you and your product/service can be a boost in the waiting area, and to include with any proposal packets you give to your clients.

Having professional photographs not only gives your video added depth, it also gives you a wide array of additional options to promote yourself and your business. Hencar will help you coordinate your video production with a still photography session to ensure you get the best of both worlds.