Meet Afterburner Inc.

What does it take to survive, thrive, and dominate in today’s business world? Afterburner Inc. has the answer, and Hencar has partnered with the high-profile company to get the word out. We’re happy to unveil new high-energy videos that highlight Afterburner’s unique method of flawless execution. You can see the first two video on our projects page.


afterburner intro

Afterburner is changing the way the world does business

From the war room to the boardroom, Afterburner is changing the way the world does business. Afterburner’s elite trainers have coached more than one and a half million business professionals, many of them at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms. Afterburner’s staff has extensive military experience to help companies in all fields excel. Afterburner’s methods enable any team to align towards a common goal, adhere to a paradigm of accountability, and commit to continual improvement. The simple, scalable solutions Afterburner teaches allow your team to create and own their successes.

Afterburner trainers have experience that stretches far beyond the military. Their ranks include graduates of top business schools, attorneys, surgeons, and a wide range of other professional backgrounds. They not only understand how to help you reach and exceed your goals with military precision; they also understand the specific challenges your business faces every day. We’re proud to have a business alliance with Afterburner that will help this winning company reach and benefit even more clients.