Flawless execution with Afterburner Inc.

“Business truly is combat.” That’s the message of Afterburner Inc.’s founder and CEO Jim Murphy. Hencar has partnered with Afterburner to produce cutting-edge videos to introduce a new generation of business clients to this outstanding company and its groundbreaking model of flawless execution. Check out our two newest videos on our projects page.

flawless execution cycle

The Flawless Execution Cycle

For nearly two decades, Afterburner has been coaching businesses to give them scalable, simple solutions that set them on the path to continually improving performance. With basic techniques learned on the battlefield and honed in the boardroom, Afterburner helps companies consistently succeed so they can not only survive, but thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment. Stay tuned for more high-energy videos from Hencar highlighting Afterburner’s outstanding offerings.