The trust factor: video builds credibility

You can’t be too careful when surfing the Internet these days. Click on a link and you might download a virus or set yourself up for a flood of spam. Most people know this, so when they do web searches they’re more apt to trust sites that are higher in the list of results. Quality videos will help boost your ranking in search results. Simply put, video builds credibility.

Video content boosts your website's credibility and relevance in search results.
Videos boost your relevancy to search engines, and tell the world you mean business.

If you have a strong online video presence, it’s a sign that you’re serious about what you’re doing. Having a lot of videos on a YouTube channel sends the same message. People see you as someone who is putting time and effort into establishing credibility. Any way you look at it, a strong video presence on the Internet will increase the trust factor between you and your target audience.