The money factor: your video’s budget

It’s not all about money. But when you’re making a video, money definitely plays a role in how far you can go. Simply put, if you want higher quality in anything—be it a car, a house, a vacation, or a marketing tool like a video—you have to expect a higher price tag. You’ve heard the analogy about people who have champagne tastes and a beer budget. It really holds true when you’re developing a video.

A huge number of factors influence the final price tag for your video. How many camera operators will be needed? Are you calling for shots that require special equipment like dollies or jibs?

Special equipment, like jibs, must be factored into your budget.

 Will you have to pay for access to special locations or are you doing a more simple production from your office or a studio? These are just some of the things you need to consider when deciding on a budget for your video. The wide range of factors makes it impossible for us to give you rough estimates of what it costs to make a video. Each video project is going to be unique, and adding or subtracting even a few items can significantly alter the costs. We urge you to be cautious about video companies that are willing to quote you an estimate after just talking with your for a few minutes.

You shouldn’t be expected to cover all the bases by yourself. Doing that kind of research can really bog you down and make it harder for you to conduct your day-to-day business. That’s why Hencar will draw up budget proposals to meet your needs, so that you aren’t left with an unexpectedly hefty bill. We break down the cost of your video so you know where your money is going.

We want you to be completely honest with us about what you plan to spend. But we also need you to tell us exactly what you’re looking for, and when you need it. Don’t assume that having a limited budget means you have to limit your plans. You may be surprised at how much we can accomplish within your price range.

Part of Hencar’s pledge is to bring you multiple options when possible as part of our extensive concept development process. When you scout out video production companies, you need to be on the lookout for red flags, such as a company that only offers you one option for creating your video, or a company that tries to steer you into a specific format despite your concerns and questions. We’ve come up with a list of tips and red flags to help you understand the budgeting process more clearly.

One thing you need to consider during the budgeting process is how you plan to use your video. If you want it to be your introduction to the world, your way of drawing in new clients or making people aware of your expertise in an area, you’re making a huge investment in your future. The quality of the final product will determine your return on investment. Some people may become millionaires through buying penny stocks, but you’re far more likely to have long-term financial stability if you invest in companies that have a proven track record. A high quality video will have staying power, and you can keep it for the long haul without diminishing its effectiveness.

While it’s always prudent to watch your pennies, when it comes to videos you can carry it too far and end up shortchanging yourself. Budget wisely, but realistically, and you’ll find the end results well worth the trouble.