Reinforcing your brand

We’ve talked about the importance of being consistent in releasing videos. That’s a big part of pushing a solid brand name. But it’s not the only consideration. You also have to put out a consistent brand message, one that makes people immediately identify exactly what you’re offering. Successful campaigns are crucial to reinforcing your brand  without being annoyingly repetitive.

Your brand name is your greatest asset. Videos help reinforce your brand identity.

Remember the Energizer Bunny who kept going, and going, and going? How about the Wendy’s commercials that kept asking “Where’s the beef?” And who can forget those choosy mothers who always chose Jif peanut butter? Even years after these campaigns have ended, we still remember them, and we still know exactly what those products promised. Don’t take the risk of having a diluted video campaign with no consistent message. Hencar uses professional script crafters with decades of experience in broadcast media to ensure your message is solid and to the point, every time.