Picture perfect: how photography makes your video pop

You’ve seen it happen before. You’re watching a commercial, an introductory video on someone’s website, or a “public service announcement” from a law firm promising you big bucks if you were given a defective medical device. The speaker is on a roll, and then all of a sudden “they” appear. “They” are the infamous stock photos. You can spot them a mile away because everything about the photo says “generic” and “clearly fake”.  Even the expressions on people’s faces.

Come on. Have you EVER been at a meeting where everyone was perched on the edge of their seats in poses that would scare the Cirque de Soleil cast, smiling as if the tenth meeting of the day was heaven on earth instead of the living hell it is for the rest of us?

“Oh boy! Another meeting. Wheeeee!”


“Did I just sit in bubble gum?”

Did you ever sit down on the street with your head in your hands, doubled over as if you’ve been gut-punched by fate, publicly displaying your wretched situation for all the world to see (and ignore)?

Have you ever been sitting around cradling a cup of cappuccino like it’s a precious angora bunny while staring wistfully off into space as if you’ve just discovered the secret of life? And did you really think that just because your partner was doing it too, it was less creepy?

Nothing says “relax” like a giant cup of caffeine!

No. You haven’t put yourself in any of these poses. And if those people in the stock photos weren’t getting paid, they wouldn’t have done it either. Because no one does those things. No one in their right mind, anyway.

Which begs the question: What frame of mind would you have to be in to let someone put stock photos like those in your otherwise wonderful video?

If you’ve taken the time, invested the energy and put out the money for a high quality video, the last thing you need is to ruin it with bad photographs. Professional photography  can add an extra layer of polish to your project. While not always a must, there are certain effects you can achieve with still photographs that are difficult to pull off with even the best video.

 Professional still photography adds sophistication to your video.

 For example, let’s say you create wedding dresses. Of course your video will feature them, but how? Shot after shot of models walking down the proverbial aisle may seem like a good idea, but it can get repetitive after awhile. Still photographs allow you to pose the models to perfectly highlight details that make each of the dresses unique, details that might be lost if you’re watching the dress in motion on a video. The best of both worlds is a skillful blend of still photographs to highlight details and video to show how elegant a bride will look in your stunning dresses.

The best thing about quality photographs is that you can repurpose them in any number of ways. You can incorporate them into your website, send them out in email campaigns, use them on Twitter and Facebook, create print materials like brochures…the list is really endless. Whether you choose to have a photographer capture your products, or you, this is one item you should definitely consider incorporating into your overall project. You’ll find the payoff is big. Professional photographs will add a touch of class that can’t be beat.