Keeping video production simple

A huge soundstage. Lights blazing everywhere. People running around screaming “Quiet on the set!” Makeup artists dashing up to you to add a little more powder seconds before the director yells “Action!” Is this your idea of how a video is produced? While we can certainly coordinate a big (and more organized) shoot if the situation demands, Hencar is synonymous with versatility. We customize our production methods to ensure the process is well within your comfort zone and your budget. Keeping video production simple makes it more likely you’ll get exactly what you want without wasting time and money.


Video production can seem intimidating, but you can get a great video with a minimum of fuss and fanfare. 

Part of the formula involves determining an appropriate length for your video. It’s surprising how much information you can get into a video that runs two minutes or less. It’s all about technique. Proper pacing, a deft use of graphics to reinforce key points, and tight scripting are paramount. With these, you can deliver an impactful message that looks professional, sleek and well organized. Hencar’s experts have decades of experience in all of these areas. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you look your best.