A bright idea: concept development

It all starts with an idea. Your dream. The vision you want to make a reality. You can see it playing out perfectly when you close your eyes.

But when you open your eyes again, reality sets in. Where do you start? How do you bring the idea to life and turn it into a video? It seems so overwhelming.

That’s where concept development  enters the picture. During our initial consultations, we’ll help flesh out all of the details so that you get exactly what you want. During subsequent meetings we’ll refine the details through storyboarding so that we all have the same picture in mind and there are no surprises. We’ll create a project treatment that covers all the bases.

How will your project unfold? Concept development is crucial to ensure you get exactly what you want. Be wary of production companies that don’t spend extensive time working on details of your shoot.

A big part of the concept development step is getting a clear picture of your intended audience. We’ve all seen films, commercials and other video projects that fall flat because they simply missed the mark with the audience. Videography techniques used by Fellini might win you accolades and awards from critics, but that’s not really the point. If your intended audience is left saying “What on Earth was that?” you’ve missed the target. That’s why concept development involves a good deal of research. We want to make sure we know exactly what your audience wants, what piques their interest, and what will make them respond favorably.

Concept development doesn’t just involve  what your final video will look like. It includes long-term plans, like how you intend to distribute the video, social media campaigns and optimizing your video to look great on all platforms, including tablets and smart phones. We always look at the big picture at Hencar. Giving you a perfect video is our top priority, but we also want to help you get the most out of it and use it for maximum effectiveness. The process starts during the concept development phase.

Good concept development gives you options. Coming up with a treatment takes time, but a quality production company won’t just outline one scenario. There’s always more than one way to tell a compelling story and deliver an impactful message. If you work with a company that doesn’t understand that, or isn’t willing to go the extra mile to outline alternative approaches, you’re really not getting your money’s worth.

There are many considerations to be taken into account during the concept development. They include budget, your target deadline, and the ideal location for your video. All of these play a part in how the final video will look. Just as you shouldn’t be shortchanged by being handed only one option for your video, you also shouldn’t be led to unrealistic expectations. If a production company promises you an award-winning video on an economy-class budget, be a little skeptical. Ask to see representative work developed on a similar budget. Remember, there are different definitions of the word “stunning,” ranging from “thrilled beyond belief” to “absolutely horrified”. 

The concept development phase is crucial because it ensures you have a voice in how your project unfolds. You should never be afraid to ask questions or to raise concerns, because ultimately this is your dream, and you have a right to be happy with the outcome.