Video as a team building tool

Before your video even reaches the first customer, you’ve got a powerful tool in your hands. It’s a team building tool. You have a chance to get valuable feedback from the key stakeholders in your company.

Video can be a team building tool if you use it to encourage discussion among your staff.

It starts with the basic concept for your video. How do you envision your product or service? Who is the target audience? Are you effectively communicating what you have to offer? This is a prime chance to clarify your goals and strategy before you even shoot the first second of video. At Hencar Productions, we offer a full range of services including script writing and storyboarding so you’ll know what to expect when we deliver the final product. You can take these tools, present them to your stakeholders, and get their feedback. What works, and what needs adjusting? You’ll not only get the video you want, you’ll also tighten your overall marketing strategy.