Know your audience pt. 2

The key to making an effective video is have a good grasp of your target audience. You can have the most amazing spot money can buy—and we can produce it—but if it’s not relevant to your target base, it won’t bring you the results you deserve. Consider these factors: What does your audience want or need? Are you targeting consumers or other businesses?  Is your audience older, with more time to watch detailed videos, or are they younger, on the go, thirsty for a message that gets the point across in a concise manner in just a few seconds?

Knowing your audience ensures your message hits the target every time.

This is the difference between a video on your website that runs a minute and goes into detail and a short video of a few seconds for the Vine network that lets people know right away what you have to offer. Both are equally effective if you know your audience and understand what they want and need. Hencar Productions offers you top-notch consultation based on our combined decades of experience in highly competitive markets. Let us help you formulate a delivery strategy that hits the bull’s-eye every time.