Don’t ignore your business allies

You know you’ve got competition, and that’s why you’re trying to get an edge with effective videos for your website and/or marketing campaign. But don’t forget, not everyone in your field is a competitor. There are plenty of people who can help you reach your goals. These insiders are an important resource, and you should make sure to involve them as your video campaign develops.

People in your field can be powerful allies in your video projects. 

Think about whether you can interview them as industry experts to underscore the credibility of your video. Or consider having a brainstorming party with them, getting their input on the best way to present your message in a video, in exchange for on-screen credit as consultants. When there’s an event at which several of these experts will be present, make some time to get quick video interviews with them. If you remember them, they’re more likely to remember you and return the favor when their next video venture rolls around.