Viral videos: free advertising waiting to happen

Viral videos attract a lot of attention on search engines.

It’s free advertising at its finest: going viral on social media is a way to get your video out to a lot of people who otherwise would never see it. These are people outside your typical client base who could either benefit from your services, or know other people who could use what you have to offer. But what are viral videos, and how to they start?

Essentially it happens when a lot of people react to your content in a short amount of time. That can mean people share a link they find on Facebook or Twitter, interact with it in some way like answering questions or commenting on it. They may even start a fan page if they really like what you’re doing. One of the great viral success stories of 2014 was the “First Kiss” campaign by Wren. It generated more than 78,000,000 views, more than 1,300,000 Facebook shares and more than 68,000 Twitter shares in just one month. Hencar not only gives you a video people will want to see, we also design social media campaigns that can increase your chance of hitting the big time with a viral sweep.