“What is it?” How video production boosts sales and satisfaction

What is it?” That’s one of the first questions your potential viewers will ask when they see a video link to your product. In quick succession, the next questions are: “How does it work?” and “Is it something I need?” When it comes to showing off the best features of your product, video can’t be beat. A demonstration video on your website can influence people to buy what you’re selling. E-consultancy highlighted six online retailers that say they know for certain that video production boosts sales. In one case, a retailer reported a conversion rate 160% higher when website visitors viewed a video associated with a product.

Videos help your customers understand your products before buying them.

E-consultancy says  several sites reported fewer customers returned products that had explanatory videos. So if you’re debating whether to explore the ways video production can boost your sales, consider how much more effective they can be versus traditional online ads and email campaigns. Hencar Productions will not only showcase your product in the best way possible, we’ll also ensure that your website visitors understand ever aspect of your goods and services.