Social media marketing offers new venues for your video

We’ve talked in earlier posts about the importance of getting your video on YouTube. That’s only part of the strategy. Now that you can put video on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, as well as short snippets on Twitter, you can potentially expand your audience by tens of thousands of people without spending an extra dime. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for savvy businesses.

Video is becoming an important marketing tool on social media sites.

It’s about staying ahead of the curve. Your competition might already be using this strategy. says last year alone, Facebook saw a 50% increase in video uploads from content marketers. If even one person shares your video on Facebook, you can pick up hundreds of extra viewers in an instant. And don’t forget, you can always use a still image from your video as a picture in your Twitter posts. Socialbakers found that even though Tweets with photos only made up about 10% of the site’s content on a given week, they accounted for more than half the engagement among Twitter users.

Any way you look at it, a video is a key component of smart social media strategy for any company. Let Hencar Productions give you a winning video that will grow your business.