The Perfect Pitch Person

Do you have a spokesperson or character who stands out in your video? 

Are you thinking about a one-shot deal for video marketing? Reconsider. Some of the most popular campaigns involve multiple videos centering around a key character or theme. Think about the Geico gecko or Flo, the Progressive Insurance spokeswoman who’s appeared in more than 100 radio, television and print ads since 2008. Why are these characters still around? They’re an example of the perfect pitch person. They hit a chord with people. Flo became a social media sensation thanks to her over-the-top bubbly personality, and the gecko’s self-effacing friendly demeanor makes him a hit with everyone.

Even if your video is a self-contained message with a clear beginning, middle, and end rather than a serial theme, don’t underestimate the power of a compelling character. Hencar Productions can cast the perfect spokesperson and help you craft a campaign with real staying power of your choice that will leave your viewers wanting more.