The executive appeal of video

What’s the one thing every CEO needs? The same thing a working parent, a college student, and a 10-hour-a-day shift worker need: More time! And they know it. That’s why video is such an important asset in winning the ear of your clients.

A Forbes survey found most execs prefer watching videos  when researching products or services.

A Forbes survey found nearly 60% of CEOs opt to watch video over perusing text with the same information. It’s shorter, more engaging than text, and it gives busy industry leaders a break from reading. Any time you can approach a client in a way that breaks the routine, you’re going to get their attention. Hencar Productions will produce a video that delivers your pitch in the most compelling manner and encourages your clients to spend more of their time finding out what you have to offer. Even a small business can have executive appeal with a quality video.