Expanding the Audience For Your Video—for Free!

You can’t overestimate the power of a strong marketing video, or the reach of a website like YouTube. Think about it: this is free advertising. When your YouTube video is properly optimized for search engines (SEO) it leads to lots of click-throughs to your website, and lots of views of your video. You are essentially expanding the audience for free.

A good video can be used on multiple platforms like YouTube to generate awareness of your products and services.

If people like what they see, they become followers. Then, when you’re ready to release your next video, you’ve already got an audience—guaranteed! Unlike broadcast media ads, which are expensive and increasingly limited in reach due to greater compartmentalization of channels and their audiences, a YouTube video isn’t a hit or miss proposition. Your followers are alerted when the video is available and view it when they want to watch it. With traditional television spots, you have to hope your target audience is watching that channel, at that particular moment, to see the ad. Not very efficient, is it?

Hencar Productions gives you a full range of services, from producing your video to placing it on sites like YouTube (and even setting up your own YouTube channel if you plan multiple videos) and using SEO techniques to make sure people will find your video right away