The elevator pitch revisited: optimizing viewer retention for your video

Remember the elevator pitch—the 30-second spiel you develop to pitch your product in a concise, convincing manner? Well, the elevator ride has gotten shorter. Studies show that if your video doesn’t win over your viewer within the first 10-15 seconds you’re probably going to lose that person. Viewer retention is never a given. You have to earn it.

10–15 seconds. That’s what you have to hook your viewers into watching your whole video.

Hencar Productions will deliver a video that hooks your audience and keeps them hooked with effective production techniques and sharp, to-the-point scripting. This isn’t just about selling your product. It’s about having a better shot at gaining even more viewers. If people watch your entire video, YouTube will give your spot and your Youtube channel more visibility in its search results. Add to that the stats that show websites with videos are more likely to get higher placement in Google searches, and you have two solid, cost-effective reasons to have a video.

We not only take care of production. We also take care of placing your video on YouTube and other outlets and help you craft a social media strategy that lets people know your video is out there.